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Ivana Di Maria Gets Brutal

Ivana Di Maria Gets Brutal

The tape “Women Are Losers” recreates the sixties

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- Cleveland, Minneapolis and Texas have seen Ivana Di Maria in a dark and brutal aspect for her work in the American drama “Women Are Losers”, which has been selected in competitions during the Covid pandemic – 19.

Actress in “The Pilot” and “The Negotiator,” Ivana plays an antagonist of Lorenza Izzo in a story set in the ’60s.

“She casts a woman who is in her 20s (years of age) and becomes pregnant, the film talks a lot about abortion and its controversies, the hardships of being a mother and, I am then the character who judges.” He has, by all his decisions, being the role model that he had to be”, details the Mexican.

“Women Are Losers” was filmed in early 2019 under the direction of Lisette Feliciano and starred Brian Craig, Simu Liu, Chrissy Fitt, and Liza Weil.

Ivana says, “He has done very well in festivals, I hope this will encourage him to go to theatres, now things are complicated, but I hope it will come.”

In parallel it awaits the launch of the national feature film “La Vista” exclusively by the Cinemax series.

Directed by newcomer Ana Mancerra, Ivana is a happy pairing with Mariano Palacios, until a friend of hers arrives, starting a sentimental triangle.

It was filmed for 18 days with the feature that many dialogues were improvised. There was a 30 page sketch, but everything was created on the fly.

“It’s been published who knows how many times,” he jokes, “we got the Efficine distribution and we’re looking forward to the premiere, it’s due in July.”

“It is an auteur film and it is unbelievable that we can see it on a few screens; It is true that digital platforms open doors and give more distribution opportunities, but going into films is magical”, he believes.

Two years ago, Ivana launched the StoryPlace Project, a platform where people from all over the world can publish original stories.

During the pandemic, it launched the Pro version with which stories can be converted into remedies, translated into different languages ​​and there they can be carried on the screen.

From a competition for horror films, in collaboration with the production company Lemon, found one that is already in development.

“Participated in about 400 treatments, most of them men, many from Latin America, some from Europe and many from other places.”