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Itza and Mariana, the Mexican twins who participated in ‘House of the Dragon’

After the Serie ‘House of the Dragon’ would become in the most successful premiere of the HBO platformit was revealed that a pair of twins, born in Coahuila, participated in the successful ‘Game of Thrones’ prequelwithin of the world created by George R.R. Martin.

Is about Mariana and Itza Urbina Cantú, born in Piedras Negras and who are part of the visual effects team of the series that premiered on Sunday, August 21.

The sisters, who according to their Linked In profiles live in Quebec, CanadaThey worked in the team MPC for series which tells the story of the Targaryens and that it will also have a second season.

Both are visual effects artists and have worked on advertising and entertainment projects.

Mariana has color composition skills, digital compositing and 3D modeling, in addition to having talso worked on architecture projects. For your part Itza is 3D lighting artists and has worked as production assistant in commercials, aminations and independent cinema.


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