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“It’s the most difficult concert of my life,” said Carlos Rivera

It’s the hardest concert of my life,” he said. Charles Rivera before singing his hits in front of fans who won a spot to hear him sing at a private concert in Nescafe in the Blackberry Auditorium.

“My dad was my number 1 fan, and he liked to go to all my concerts that he could and I’m sure he was here with us tonight, so wherever he is, this light goes to you,” he commented and asked the public turn on the light of their cell phones to sing “How to pay you?”.

His hits began to play, “I say it”, “I love my madness”, “Bless your life”Y “I was waiting for you”. Carlos smiled at the public that he had traveled from different parts of the Republic to fulfill his dream of “enjoying a moment” next to Nescafé.

“I could not fail you, that is why we are here, for having trusted me and you only know and my heart is always yours (…) I have been crying a lot and I will be singing to you only with my heart, as long as you help me, I will continue singing until the concert is over”, expressed

“Other lives” began to be heard and Carlos took advantage of the space to remember that music is the only medicine for a heart problem, while a lump formed in his throat that broke his voice to thank and remind his fans that in the face of a tragedy always there is gratitude for life.

“18 years ago, when I went to the casting of The Academy, my dad took me and they asked me that day why I sang and I told them that because singing for me was my medicine”

“If I was sad I was happy, and if I was sick I was fine, and today was the best medicine I could have, being able to sing to them,” he recalled.

Fascination”, “Let what is ours stay ours” Y “Only you” They were also heard in the emotional evening, which ended with another phrase from the singer, after an hour and 10 minutes.

“His voice has given me strength, until here I felt his heart and his affection. We are dancing and celebrating life,” he said.

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