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it’s part of black comedy

it's part of black comedy

Roberto Wohlmuth stars in an HBO series

Ramiro shows the irony that comes from being a criminal who doesn’t tempt his heart to destroy rivals, but the house his wife is the owner of, and it is these characters who make up the series “La Girl Who Cleans Up”. a touch of black comedy,” which premiered on HBO on June 20.

Actor Roberto Wohlmuth plays Ramiro in the series, which once again puts Mexican productions on the map on an international channel like HBO, cheering those who are part of the project.

“Sweeping Girl” can be seen every Sunday at 10 p.m., as it has a total of eight episodes and one airs each week.

All chapters are available on Demand on HBO Max, and can also be viewed on Cinemax, Warner Channel, TNT and TNT series.

Wohlmuth tells that “The Girl Who Cleans” is a police thriller in which a woman cleaning a house is involved in crimes, and when she needs money to help her sick son, she Ramiro and Chaparro (Roberto Uskanga) converts. The girl who cleans up the scenes of crimes committed by two men.

He explains that these characters along with his wife, who plays Marisol Menens, give viewers a break from the drama of the series, as they act in scenes filled with irony and dark humor, a kind of uncomfortable comedy.

And that, he says, his character is “worth a hat.” What he does is say that he has just buried a corpse and says with the greatest of simplicity that he has a cup of soda. being taken, as if killing someone was the most common.

Ramiro represents the dark side of the story, that in an attempt to get away from it, he moves his hand and kills a person—no, don’t worry, it’s not a “spoiler”, it would have happened at the beginning of the plot. is – and it is what sets off a series of crimes to try to keep the first one a secret.

Although the actor thinks that many of those who engage in criminal activity have no sense of conscience, perhaps some hold that bond of wife and child, as is the case with his character, that does not put them at risk. wants to take Every thing.

The actor highlighted that the series received great comments from critics and the general public.

Wohlmuth believes it to be a very balanced production with a mix of drama, police thriller and dark humour. – Iris Ceballos Alvarado

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The protagonist of “The Girl Who Cleaned” invites the public not to miss the series and comment about it on his social networks: @robertowoficial on Instagram and Roberto Wu on Facebook