It’s over! Nodal removes Belinda’s last tattoo

 It's over!  Nodal removes Belinda's last tattoo

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Finally, Christian Nodal ended all traces he had of his relationship with Belinda, because the last tattoo that linked him to the singer was covered. You may be interested in: Belinda

What worn! Belinda’s mother said “naco” to Christian Nodal while on a trip to Costa Rica as part of the Forajido tour, she visited a tattoo parlor called Samsara Tattoo, which posted a video of their visit.

In it, he removed the tattoo he had on his face that read “Utopia” with a heart, which was the name of one of Belinda’s albums. In its place would have been a Hawaiian-style pink flower. #Nodal used his time in Costa Rica to remove the tattoo on his forehead that read “Utopia” where Nodal and Belinda’s mother exchanged allegations. In addition, the singer revealed details of the split and leaked messages asking for money because the artist’s mother insulted him. The couple called off their engagement in February and had practically not commented on the issue, they simply moved away; However, the intervention of his former mother-in-law’s mother angered Nodal. Belinda defends Mexicans during an interview in a Spanish program: VIDEO

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