“It’s impossible for me to do more concerts”

spanish singer Enrique Banbury announced this Sunday that pursues his retirement from the platform Due to problems with his throat and “with all the pain” in his heart, he canceled his farewell tour of the United States, as well as planned concerts in Spain.

“Unfortunately, today in Chicago, the day before the festival of ‘The Show’ in Rosemont, we have to announce that We will not be able to continue the tour, My throat and breathing problems got worse and came back fast last night and what I thought is completely under control out of my hands And best wishes,” Bunbury said in a statement.

A situation that has forced him to “move on what he already saw as imminent”, “with all the pain” in his heart.

,It’s impossible for me to do more concerts, I understand that many of you have already bought tickets for the US tour ‘sold’ (sold out) and a Spanish tour that was intended”, he added, about some tickets that would be refunded.

As the artist explained in the statement, when he announced the concerts for “The Last Tour” two months ago, he wanted to “fulfill previously made commitments in both the United States and Spain.”

Enrique Banbury retired from the stage at the age of 54.  Photo: Jose Girl.

Enrique Banbury retired from the stage at the age of 54. Photo: Jose Girl.

“With Latin America we were on time, because no agreement had yet been closed,” he clarified.

But, given the “incidents”, he and his band tried to “minimize the ‘tours’ of the United States and Spain” to leave “as much time as possible between concerts” and thus “as much as possible”. Make sure as possible” His voice “could have answered.”

As he has also told that a few days ago the first “show” of this farewell tour, Joe continued in Atlanta: “There were two great concerts both on behalf of the public and on our part, I think I can say that with some pride”.

Banbury, 54, thanked his followers’ “understanding” in what he described as a moment “painful” For him and for the whole team.

The man from Zaragoza, who was going to say goodbye to the United States on June 6, still had pending concerts in Chicago, Houston, El Paso, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Anaheim.

From singing in school to conquering Latin America

Born on 11 August 1967 Zaragoza, Northeast Spanish, at the age of thirteen he was already playing the electric guitar and later the drums. He began playing in school and as a vocalist and guitarist, or occasionally as a drummer and bassist in “amateur” groups such as Apocalypse, Rebel Waltz, Entropic Process or Three Years of Pea or Glass Juice.

With drummer Juan Valdivia, he formed hero of silence In 1985 and, two years later, the mini-album “Hero of Legend” was released, followed by “El Mar no Sesa” (1989), which went platinum.

Other significant successes with Heroes del Silencio were “Trails of Treasure” (1990), “The Spirit of Wine” (1993), “Flor de Lotto” (1994), “Avalanche” (1995), “Parasimpre” (1996) and There were other significant successes. “Oddity” (1998); The latter was released after the group’s disappearance—Banbury, Juan Valdivia, Pedro Andreu and Joaquín Cardiel—as a gesture of gratitude to their many fans and included some hitherto unknown songs.

Banbury, who had decided the end of hero of silenceIn 1994 the independent label A la Inversa Records was created with the group from Zaragoza. Brides.

In 1997 he released his first solo studio work, “Radical Sonora”, which was followed by “Pecano” (1999), “Flamingos” (2002) and “El Viaje a Nowhere” in 2004, for which he was in gold. Mexico and MTV Award for Best Spanish Musician. In 2005 he announced the dissolution of the band that had been with him since leaving Heroes due to “tiredness of thoughts”.

Latin Grammy 2018.  Bunbury won the Best Rock Album category.  Photo: Clarins File.

Latin Grammy 2018. Bunbury won the Best Rock Album category. Photo: Clarins File.

Their next work, “El tiempo de las cherries” (2006), a benchmark in independent music, was created in collaboration with Asturian Nacho Vegas, and was performed by the duo with success at the Barcelona Liso.

although heHeroes reunited in 2007 And a brief tour, Banbury always denied a fictional return to the Aragonese quartet that brought them fame. That year he received a Special Ondas Award from the jury and a tribute from the EMI label for surpassing sales of over six million records in nearly 40 countries.

In 2008 he released “Helville de Luxe” (his fifth solo studio album) and presented the short film “The Thin Man Who Will Never Feel” on the Internet, starring him and directed by Frenchman douard Salier.

Their sixth studio album, “Las Consecuencias” (2010), and their seventh, “Licenciado Cantinas” (2011), debuted in Valencia after a tour and reached the US and Latin America.

They continued with “Palosanto” (2013), the most conceptual album of their career, recorded in Los Angeles, the city they moved to, and in collaboration with the band Los Santos Innocentes.

In 2014, the album tour began in Mexico and they recorded the feature film “The Longest Way”, a documentary about their US tour directed by Alexis Morante, the director of their music video.

At the end of the year, “Madrid, Area 51” was released, a double CD and double DVD recorded live on 29 June 2014 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid.

Enrique Banbury poses with the award for Best Rock Album at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards ceremony in 2018.  Photo: EFE

Enrique Banbury poses with the award for Best Rock Album at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards ceremony in 2018. Photo: EFE

His next acts were “Hijos del Pueblo” (2015), recorded live, and “Expectatives” (2017), his ninth studio album, which is a fusion of sounds.

He was reappointed in 2016 best spanish artist At the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Before saying their final goodbyes to the platform announced today, Burberry reported last February that He retired from the stage in September, Having fulfilled its commitments in Spain and the US throat and breathing problems,

The decision was made after a Mexican tour in which he verified that “what is usually pleasure and pain becomes a source of extreme pain and suffering.”

“I am old enough to have this significant change in my life and the support of my family and management,” commented the artist, who admitted that in his 35-year career he performed “on the best stages in the world” Is. Some of the worst.”

Biography written by journalist Pep Bleu entitled “Enrique Bunbury. The Rest is Silence” The musician has been married to his official photographer Jose Girl since October 2012 and has a daughter (2011). He was previously married to Nona Rubio (2000-2001).

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