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“It’s great to have friends with authority”


Mexico City.- Tiny Stossel She is well aware that she credits the Disney Channel series “Violet” which marked her career as an actress and singer, but she is no longer 14 years old, so developing her music with her Is kept.

That’s why Tiny today decides to be an urban style exponent who talks about what happens to young people her age. To those 24 yearsMILF’s daughter Argentine producer Alejandro Stocelle He has appeared in at least 24 film and television projects and has four studio albums where he has depicted his personality.

Many years ago it was rare and not even difficult, This fight is still on, listen a woman singing reggaeton song and dare to say maybe not everyone used to itOr listen. To be a part of this change where there are more and more women in the industry, supporting each other and people also supporting the change, is really great,” she says at a press conference.

Tiny seeks a new empowerment with ‘Lie to Me’

With her songs, Tiny Stossel awaitspave the way for generations who follow you to make it easier to get your music out to the public and leave behind social prejudices.

your new topic “lie to me”, which he did in collaboration with maria becerra, proposes the idea of talk openly about female sexuality And it tells the story of the relationship of friends with rights, a way she recommends herself.

“It’s happened to me and the fact that to be able to have a friend or a piece to which you connect a lot and also can be taken elsewhere And continue to maintain that friendship, when it’s achieved it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world.”

It’s great to be friends with rightsThe beauty of communication is that there is something about communication that maybe when you first meet someone and you put yourself in a different place than your friend, it just feels different. “

part of a single their new album where the song is included “School Girl”who shares with Belinda. what about this album worked during the pandemicHe also dared to use mixed styles such as cumbia and reggaeton.