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“It’s going to be a tough day for Sammy”: his reps talk about his current situation


The comedian’s health is still poor, but after being intubated, his rep said he presented a small improvement.

Mexico City.— The have contributed to being intubated notably in semi oxygenation you are in one good percentage Eric de Paz, his representative said.

“s / oE remains constant, oxygen 90-95 . with, Thursday (July 22) it’s a very rough day because it’s the reverse and they’re going to turn it around, Let’s say this change is resented by many, it is a significant change, they hoped that he could pull off this change,” de Paz said.

They design a program to raise funds

personality like Eugenio Derbez and the Golden Scorpion Made videos demanding his speedy recovery, while other comedians, as well as being part of his production team an event with partnership More than 20 comedians.

event will happen Friday 23 July At 8:30 p.m. in Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan (#4619 col. Tlalpan Centro), the donation will be 200 pesos to support the health of the comedian.

many artists involved Radames, Compaiso and many others are companions to raise funds so i can support sammy […]”Shared Eric.

In the afternoon of last July 19, Sammy’s family started a bank account With number 4152313821246258 BBVA, in the name of Jessica Lizbeth Perez Reyes, so that people can support and be able to cover medical expenses.

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had severe damage to his lungs

His representative also remarked that Sammy is hospitalized at a private place in Mexico, specialized in respiratory diseases, which Your partner is also isolated by covid And that his brother and niece have kept in touch with the doctor regarding his medical condition.

They were the ones who decided that he should be intubated on Monday morning, because They did not respond to the treatments that were applied to them. The representative also said that there is severe damage to your lungs, so your situation is complicated.

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