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“It’s a very volatile profession”

"It's a very volatile profession"

After 2021 where they filmed four films back-to-back, Nicolas Francella takes a break while waiting for the respective premieres. first of all Thursday 28. will hit the theaters it is in sightseeingA psychological thriller directed by Ricardo Hornos and Carlos Gil.

in sightseeing A normal person, Axel (Francela), a young man working in a call center who is used to the stress of dealing with other people’s complaints, has a boundary situation. However, a call will change everything: a customer asks to cancel his service and, noticing Axel’s refusal, tells him that he is looking at her with a telescopic sight and a high-precision rifle at him. Is pointing to, ready to do whatever.

Nicolas Francella, with special participation from Gabriel “Puma” Goiti, was joined in the cast by Paula Reca, Emilia Atias and Maxi de la Cruz. The movie will be available here after passing through theaters hbo max,

Nicolas Francella is about to premiere "En la Mira", one of four films he filmed last year.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

Nicolas Francella is about to premiere “En la Mira”, one of four films he filmed last year. Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

“It can happen to anyone”

The film shows the dehumanization of the system which puts pressure on everyone and leads to a certain madness for some. What interests you in this story?

The possibility of a border situation from a daily occurrence that any ordinary citizen can experience. I think the audience will sympathize with both the characters. We’ve all been in the same moment many times at some point, this is something close. Axl has to help, care for and reconcile with the rest of his environment but he is not ready for it.

In short, they are two victims who find themselves faced with something unexpected and do not know how to react or react badly.

What this story raises is that you never know when something like this could happen to you, because it could happen to anyone. You have your daily equipment that works on autopilot. But when something else happens, you find yourself distracted, not knowing what to do.

– As the tension builds up, your character changes as you recover from the situation.

-The plot and the character were in great need of the change that goes in the crescent, to generate the tension that runs through the film. But since you can’t always film chronologically, it was a lot of work to focus on how to build the escalating tension, something basic to this story.

– On the other hand, there’s the character of the client who plays GoT, but basically it’s his voice. How did you function without his presence?

– Puma is ideal for sniper character, aggressive, with powerful moments, other lighter, it goes through everything. It was a different way of acting for me, very intense. I picked up his voice on the phone and listened to him all the time.

"In These Sightseeings" with Nicolas Francella.

“In These Sightseeings” with Nicolas Francella.

filming with covid restrictions

The film was shot in Uruguay last year, and still with various restrictions due to Covid. “We were with the team staying for five weeks in a hotel in Montevideo. It was the first time I was completely devoted to my character. Outside of shooting, I was locked in my room, listening to Goeti’s audio over and over again. The bar was listening. To get in position again,” he says.

– It was like having a ghost with you.

– It was so crazy, I spent time walking, listening to audio and talking to myself, I had the phone in my hand. But it helped a lot in making me feel like the character.

You’ve already shot many movies, but you’re the hero in this. How did you live that experience?

I try not to think too much about it. What I realize is that I’m very aware of what I did that year: I filmed four projects with four different roles and I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, felt very close and fortunate to have these opportunities. When they do appear, I take great advantage of them because I want to enjoy everything I do.

-Did you feel more responsible for playing the lead role?

I am very responsible, very professional and very passionate because I value every project that comes my way. I analyze, make decisions and, as I move forward, I am very aware of the work I am doing.

“It’s so hard to enjoy this race”

– Are you very self-critical, do you like to look at yourself?

"In These Sightseeings" with Nicolas Francella.

“In These Sightseeings” with Nicolas Francella.

I think it is very difficult to enjoy this race.

– The common place would say the opposite.

It’s a very volatile profession. You wait for an opportunity and when it comes you want to enjoy it and be healthy. But in the process of waiting, you do not have such a good time. And when it comes, it’s not what you thought it would be and you get frustrated or it creates insecurity because you think you weren’t up to the task. So enjoying the profession cent percent is a great achievement.

– And in this you combine the fact of making a decision based on the interest generated by the offer to accept it or not with the need to work.

It’s a balance between having the opportunity to choose and saying no. But it is not good to know that something in particular appears. I feel like you have to go through projects, prepare, enjoy what comes up, learn, be tough. It’s a job all the time. Experience has given me a glimpse of what this profession is all about.

– Do you mean your father? ,RKN: Guillermo Francella,

– Yes and fellow friend. If anything enriches me, it’s listening to a different experience to keep my feet on the ground and enjoy the journey. It is to be aware and calm, present at all times so that nothing is missed. Your click is needed to enjoy this profession because you need a lot of patience. When you understand time, then it starts manifesting itself.

Nicolas Francella. “I think it’s very difficult to enjoy this career”, says actor before the premiere of “En la Mira”, Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

It’s an apprenticeship that will take time.

That patience and that prudence give you only time and pineapples and blows that you find meanwhile, opportunities taken and in vain, like in any job.

—and whatever affects, I guess, each character to be built.

It is a continuous emotional act and one goes through various emotional roller coasters depending on the moments of life. Sometimes they help you immerse yourself more in the character you’re doing at that time and other times, vice versa and you have to resort to more tools.

-How do you choose your characters?

I have identified a lot with the story since I read the script and especially with the character. If that doesn’t put me off, I’d say no. You have to be careful: if nothing happens to you character, it’s better to stop, because if not, you can create water and fall over doing things. And I think it’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

experience in spain

Before the pandemic, you also worked on the Netflix series “Alta Mar” in Spain. Would you like to work there again?

Great experience of five months in Madrid. I traveled to Europe when I was very young, and on weekends, I took advantage of it to learn a little, apart from working. It was putting a first leg, and more, with an international stage. But it’s not that simple: an Argentine character or one that doesn’t have to appear and that forces you to work with accents.

-With the visibility offered by the platform, this is another job prospect that opens up.

– It is a window that is open and over and over. It revives the industry and it is good for all. If I get a chance to work, I am happy. Then it depends on the personality of each one, if you plan to spend six months or a year working abroad, it depends on many other things.

-Do you continue your restaurant in Tigre? Are you interested in cooking or is it just a source of income?

– I have, about four years ago. This is my child whom I love deeply, my first family business which later became a business. We are partners with my cousin, my uncle and a friend. Without them, I couldn’t have it, they take care of the subtle and I take care of the scene, the design, the setting. It’s a place that gives me oxygen in the pits in between filming and, obviously, I love to eat and entertain.

Nicolas Francella.  The actor combines his work in the film with a gastronomic venture with his family.  "It gives me oxygen," he says.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

Nicolas Francella. The actor combines his work in the film with a gastronomic venture with his family. “It gives me oxygen,” he says. Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez.

dispute over hail

For Nicholas, after in sightseeingwill continue An Argentine crime, a flower in the mud And another police movie. “Now I am waiting for signs of another film project, which I love the most,” he says. And gives you a lot. I think if a project comes along that grabs me, it fits.”

-What do you think about the controversy generated by the movie “Hell” starring your father, which has become the most watched and, at the same time, highly criticized movie on Netflix?

I think, mainly, it’s bad for the industry. Anyone has a right to comment, you may consider it terrible but I do not agree with any kind of cancellation or virtual boycott. Especially in this time of development, with new platforms that want to come and produce. One can’t tell people how to react but it’s no good that, they ask to cancel a project out of anonymity.

In any case, you like it or you don’t like it. It is a film, nothing more.

-Without generalizations, but there are also media that highlight the generated runes and it is not necessary to exaggerate so much. It is seen that something needs to be said but thus a negative vibe is set up which creates some morbidity. With your first project on an important stage you have to be more careful before protecting someone like that, something very serious could arise.

The movie talks a little bit about that, right.

Anyway, having so many important issues, it seems unnecessary to me and I don’t agree with those points of view. It gives importance to something that should not be done. Whether you like it or not, you turn off the TV and that’s all, you move on to something else. But the same goes for almost everything. You have to get out of the enmity.


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