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It’s a lie that he doesn’t want to work together, says Alec Baldwin

It's a lie that he doesn't want to work together, says Alec Baldwin

The authorities ask the actor to bring his cell phone

NEW YORK (AP) – Alec Baldwin said any suggestion that he was not involved in the investigation into the October shooting of a gun that a victim left on a film set in New Mexico was a lie.

It concerns a search warrant for Baldwin’s cell phone, which the authorities hope to provide useful information for the investigation. Baldwin was holding a revolver during a rehearsal for his film “Rust” when it went off, killing cameraman Halyna Hutchins and wounding the director of the film. The authorities still do not have the actor’s cell phone in their possession.

Baldwin said in a message posted on Instagram that New Mexico needs to go through the NYPD and that the process of precisely specifying what is needed will take time.

“You can’t just look at your phone and your pictures or love letters to your wife or whatever you have,” he added.

Baldwin said he didn’t know the gun he was holding was loaded with real ammunition when it was fired. Investigators are trying to find out where the real cartridge came from and regarding the search warrant on Baldwin’s phone, investigators said they were interested in text messages, pictures, videos, calls, or other information related to the film.

“Any suggestion that I am not complying with the requests, orders, demands or search warrants on my phone is nonsense, it is a lie,” he said.

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