Itati Cantoral involved in millionaire mask fraud

a new controversy around Itati Cantoral, because in an evil move, his niece complicates him in a millionaire fraud.

It is about Alejandra Cantoral who has not yet responded for payment KN95 type face mask which he asked for famously.

The lawsuit against Itati Cantorli’s niece

according to an interview tv notes, The relative of the actress is owed an amount of 20 million pesos.

Rodrigo Garcia, co-founder of The García Carbajal Law Firm explained the reasons for the lawsuit and complaint against Alejandra.

It suppresses the identity of Itati Cantorli.

“girl Her name is Alejandra Itati Cantoral Ramosi., but he presented himself as Itati Cantoral and that’s where the problems started for my client”, said the lawyer, according to

“The contact came from a mutual friendship between him and my client. Alejandra ordered a face mask In May last year because they said that they have customers waiting for the product.

then Seller invested in KN95 mask Due to the pandemic.

How did the problem start?

“She said she bought two lakh masks immediately because I already had sure sale, But he was given only 107 thousand 450 pieces.” He referred to the matter.

The lawyer said that his client, who sold face masks to Alejandra, gave an extension to pay for pandemic medical equipment, He never got the money, because of this he started the case.

Itati Cantoral’s niece signs a promissory note

“No, the goods were delivered and he signed a promissory note for total Because he argued that he had no money at that time. my client agreed in good faith because believed him

yoga Amount of 8 lakh 101 thousand 730 pesos107 thousand 450 for face masks (each piece cost 75.4 pesos)”.

However, after failing to pay the chains, Interest earned for the promissory note document signed by Alejandra. This increased the amount being more than double the initial amount.

property confiscation

“Initially the debt was 8 million pesos, but Now it’s almost 20 million For the amount of default interest and payment of services of lawyers. We found two apartments, one in Huixquilucan and the other in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

At the time, the lawyer told the magazine that A garnishment order has already been obtained against the assets When We Have Information by Alejandra Cantoral.

Itatí Cantoral . no response from

Meanwhile, Itati Cantoral has not given any position in this regard, but It is expected that it will soon meet the legal requirements that relate to, Because his family member is believed to have given his name for easy access to medical products.

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