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Italian rock, forceful and festive

The Maneskin set up a high tarantella at the Hippodrome of Palermo! In an hour and a half they finished a great task before a crowd of mostly female teenagers and not a few parents who accompanied or waited at the exit with the beacons on and the car ready to start.

The four Italian gladiators that make up this rock group left the lioness absolutely exhausted. Come, see, see.

Where does Maneskin come from? From the least expected place: the San Remo Song Festival. You have to be unconscious, uninformed or downright crazy to pretend to compete in the legendary musical dispute, bastion of the melodic song, with a rock quartet. and yet they showed up and won.

Bassist Victoria De Angelis and guitarist Thomas Raggi.  Maneskin, came, saw and conquered.

Bassist Victoria De Angelis and guitarist Thomas Raggi. Maneskin, came, saw and conquered.

Then they went for more to another festival, the historic Eurovision that propelled ABBA to stardom with “Waterloo”, the unforgettable winner of the contest in 1974. Rock does not usually frequent those catwalks, but Maneskin was encouraged and the result of his audacity was another resounding victory. The double championship of musical tournaments put them in the front row of the outstanding musical numbers of the new 20 years.

Let us remember that there was a scandal here, because the camera seemed to focus on Damiano David snorting cocaine in the ceremony. But then he took a drug test and it came back negative. valid win.

The reception in Argentina

The fans of the quartet were hoarse as soon as they saw the short fuchsia vest of the singer Damiano David emerge, owner of an overwhelming charisma and an impetuous scene. He also has a hoarse tone, very Italian, like a Nicola Di Bari tuned an octave higher. They went out to eat the Hippodrome of Palermo, but the public almost devoured them.

The Italians from Måneskin put on a great show at the Palermo Hippodrome.

The Italians from Måneskin put on a great show at the Palermo Hippodrome.

After a forceful barrage of three songs without stopping, Damiano put the brakes on and showed his leader paste. “People, we love that they are so effusive, but there are kids here who are getting hurt –he said-, this is about having fun all together, not about hurting each other. Please let the security personnel assist you.”

Well done: you have to take care of the audience, especially when it comes to a teenage audience whose effusiveness can get out of hand in the jumps.

damien has an excellent partner in Victoria De Angelis, the bassist, which looks like a software upgrade from the 1970s Suzi Quatro; she walks the stage as if it were a catwalk and she is not afraid to get off it to get among the people without stopping smiling for a minute: she really enjoys the situation.

Victoria De Angelis, Maneskin's bassist, put the Argentine public in her pocket.

Victoria De Angelis, Maneskin’s bassist, put the Argentine public in her pocket.

Instead, Damiano suffered from it because when he went to take a crowd bath transmitter and wireless headphones were stolen. He had no choice but to take it with humor, without failing to request the immediate appearance of his equipment.

how is your music

Musically, Maneskin does not seem to have enormous virtues; although Damiano sings very well and is an excellent showman, Thomas Raggi plays the guitar as if he were a gondolieri in Venice, with great speed and little idea. Something similar happens with drummer Ethan Torchio, who messes with the double bass drum and sends it with speed but without precision.

The price is a certain sound chaos, which Victoria’s economy cannot put a stop to: Maneskin sounds dirty and messy, like Pappo’s old theme. But it thrives on that confusion because of the energy they put into it and the attitude of connection with an audience that doesn’t lose track of them.

Although they have outrageous hits like Beginor funky like the excellent I Wanna be your Slavewhat closes Maneskin is the whole package: it is a group that exceeds the circumstantial success of a song.

Damiano Davis from Måneskin sings well and is charismatic.

Damiano Davis from Måneskin sings well and is charismatic.

That mixture of Italo-funk seasoned with rock outbursts and not a few adaptations of hip-hop, derived from groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or more alternative trends like The Killers, ends up come together in contagious songs that are more skippable than danceable.

They had great moments like the version of I Wanna be your Dog, by Iggy Pop & The Stooges that ended with three members of Maneskin playing in front of the fence and dodging the slaps of their ardent fans.

Admiration for classic rock is noted in appointments to The Whoreciting almost intact the verses of My Generation, or in that parody of the border game that David Bowie did with Mick Ronson, only Damiano went a little further with Thomas Raggi. So naughty.

50 years have passed since those times when Bowie’s glam-rock revolutionized with his androgynous look. It is noted that Maneskin took note of that and he knew how to integrate it into his look without it looking like a parody or a photocopy with little toner.

Love message

The Argentinian fans of Maneskin took over the Hippodrome of Palermo.

The Argentinian fans of Maneskin took over the Hippodrome of Palermo.

“Les fuckin’ amos”, Damiano told the audience and it sounded genuine. Only time will give a verdict about the contribution that Maneskin can make to rock, and if they have enough gas in the tank to go for more. Time is on her side: Damiano is 23 years old and Victoria is 22.

But last night at the Palermo Hippodrome, for an hour and a half, they achieved two very important things in their first contact with the Argentine public: forcefully entertaining an audience with a joy that has been quite absent from rock in recent times. And show that It doesn’t take too many resources to put on a great show. if the attitude is correct.

They looked for victory from the first minute and never let it go. His audacity was rewarded by overwhelming public approval.


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