Home Entertainment It worries Denisse Guerrero, vocalist of Belanova Where is she?

It worries Denisse Guerrero, vocalist of Belanova Where is she?

Denisse Guerrero, vocalista de Belanova

The group Belanova grew to become a pattern, after them many have been curious concerning the whereabouts of their vocalist.

MEXICO CITY.— The musical group Belanova, which greater than a decade in the past was one of the vital fashionable in Mexico and Latin America for its hits resembling “Baila mi corazón”, “Rosa Pastel” or “Cada que”, grew to become a pattern on Twitter.

Web customers didn’t know why the Mexican group recovered relevance, however that was not an obstacle for them to renew rumors and hypothesis concerning the Denisse Guerrero, vocalist of the group and who is claimed to be the daughter of María Elena Velasco, higher often known as ‘La India María’.

Nonetheless, a member of the group provides particulars of his whereabouts and even spoke of the group’s plans.

What has grow to be of Denisse Gutiérrez?

As a result of the singer been absent for some time and inactive on social networks, netizens expressed their concern about Denisse’s location.

However fortuitously, Edgar Huerta, Belanova’s keyboardist, gave an interview to Javier Poza for his Radio Fórmula program, there the musician mentioned the place the group’s vocalist is and denied the rumor that she is the daughter of the Mexican comic.

“She proper now is in Sinaloa, determined to spend time together with his household, after 18 years of steady work […] they have been very intense years and it was essential to pause […] She instructed us that she needed to spend time together with her mother and father, Edgar defined to the Grupo Fórmula journalist.

“The rumor you say seems very curious to me, they have given it many turns that She is the daughter of India Maria, but I’ve known her since we were 18 years old, I know his mom, his dad […] Denisse already denied, I find it very strange […]”added the Belanova member.

Will they return to the stage or with a brand new album?

Edgar Huerta assured that Belanova will return, they’re solely paused, in the identical means, dominated out a withdrawal.

“We are good, both Denise, Richie and I are very good, it’s just a much needed pause and valid. It started for 3 months and now we are going to be 3 years old, “mentioned the musician.

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