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“It wasn’t me who asked to go to your show.”


&Quot;It Wasn'T Me Who Asked To Go To Your Show.&Quot; - Light Home News

After the extremely uncomfortable moment that was experienced in Luis Majul’s program on Thursday night, in which the driver invited Roberto Cachanosky to leave – a deivintation that sounded like he was kicking him out – if he couldn’t wait while he interviewed Leonardo Fariña, the economist returned to the load on Twitter.

“Let it be clear, Luis Majul, I went because I had agreed with production for 15 minutes to be able to speak. That time was gone. It wasn’t me who asked to go to your show, I was invited and the least that I ask is that the agreed guidelines are respected. A cordial greeting, “he replied, enchanted by the journalist.

“To be clear, I’m not looking for a camera, I only seek to use the media to spread ideas. The first thing one has to learn in life is that if they want to be respected, first one has to be respected, “insisted Cachanosky, in a valid complaint to the television rating logic.

We will be with you“, said the driver, while interviewing Leonardo Fariña, repentant in the causes for the route of the money K.

If not, I’m going, huh. I have no problem, “replied the economist, who received a reproach from Majul that led to an abrupt dismissal, on the air, of the television study.

The economist carried 40 minute wait on the show, but his interview was postponed due to the safe logic of minute-by-minute measurements that accompanied the exchange between Majul and the repentant in the causes by the money route K.

In a comedy show, after Cachanosky’s retirement, Majul asked his other interviewee if he could wait for him if he was going to a cut and made a sharp comment about the abrupt departure of the economist.

In social networks, the unusual episode began to become a trend. With memes, they recalled, among other similar cases, the historical episode of Mirtha Legrand and Silvana Suárez.

“They didn’t kick me out,” says Cachanosky

The economist also complained that the media –Clarion Y
Profile in particular – they have talked about the journalist “kicking him out” when he said he left on his own.

The truth is the journalist cared little that the economist got up from his chair and go away. And that the ironic cataract of Majul’s responses to the logical complaint of a guest who waits for others, gave the feeling that the des-treatment was a proposal for a way out.

But Cachanosky was offended by that interpretation. And he decided to clarify the obvious in the images – with some tendency to think conspiratorial musings against him. He retweeted a piece of news in which he said that he had “abandoned” the Majul program and accompanied him with the text: “Now the issue is better addressed“.

He also retweeted a number of complaints against the word “kick” from other Twitter users. Cachanosky was concerned in show himself as he left without being kicked out, as if it changed the portrait in something.

Paradoxically, Majul, the one questioned for kicking out a guest, did not refer to what happened or its coverage.

“This is throwing someone out or is it the renowned economist guest who wants to go after 40 minutes to fart at a table and in front of an unpresentable beanie ???? (by Fariña)”, Cachanosky retweeted the user’s text ‘Flights and Travel’ (@flyezequiel), as proof of his position. There were more than ten posts in that sense that he shared

Cachanosky vs. Majul: full dialogue

– “We are going to be with you”, Majul told him.

– “If not, I’m going, eh. I don’t have any problem,” replied the economist – “But you always have a problem. Look, don’t get mad, it’s missing from the program, but if you have to go, there’s no no problem. If you put me in that circumstance … “.

– “No, no. I’ll tell you why I’ve been here (looks at his watch) for 40 minutes.”

– “And yes, but everyone has their turn here“.

– “Ah, well, okay, okay.”

– “It is not Roberto Cachanosky’s program“.

– “I continued with Fariña and I’m leaving, because at home they are waiting for me and I thank you “.

-“These in all your right, here one is free. If you can, wait a few more minutes and then … “.

– “Talk calmly with Fariña, there is no drama.”

– “I ask you to wait, It is the third time that I ask you to wait. If you want, wait. “

– “Speak calmly, speak calmly”.

– “I send you a big hug, congratulations, Merry Christmas to you, eh “

-“No problem”

– “Bye, see you later”, he turned with his chair, put his cell phone away, got up and left.

– “Like Roberto Cachanosky is always on the screen of La Nación, today he was with Eduardo Feinmann, so there is no problem,” Majul closed.


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