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“It was just an awkward moment”: Los Dos Carnales deny shooting in concert

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Following a press release, The Two Carnal clarify the incident that occurred on July 25, during a jaripeo presentation that they had in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán, where a man under the influence of alcohol displayed a firearm.

The incident occurred when the musicians were performing their song “The Million Question”, just as Poncho Quezada approached the edge of the stage to sing directly to the public.

In said statement, Poncho and Imanol, natives of San Pedro, Coahuila, assure that no statements had been issued in this regard, since This situation was clarified that same night of the event and it was not a threat.

“However, seeing that the video of this moment went viral and after statements in the media, we find ourselves in the need to clarify several points… A video is circulating on social networks where they claim that after we left the stage a shootout took place, this is totally FALSE“, states the statement.

They pointed out that this situation occurred in the last song of the repertoire, so They decided to end the show, since they are against any act alluding to violence.

After making it clear that it was just an awkward moment, they commented that the musical tour will continue through Mexico, the United States and will soon arrive in Guatemala and Honduras.


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