Home Entertainment “It was a long-awaited award for many years”

“It was a long-awaited award for many years”


Already adapted to the new methods imposed by the pandemic, the 2021 Gardell Awards was a sneaky and entertaining development, with the addition of gold received by Fito Pez and Four awards with which Nathi Peluso was honored, music and tributes that marked the course of a good portion of the distribution were highlighted.

About two and a half hours after the “Gala”, Led by Eleonora Perez Caresi and Jay Mamon, which took place between two shows, left almost no musical genre untouched, from chama to rock, from trap to tango, and from pop to folklore.

Finally, minutes after the end of the broadcast of the distribution, which closed with a tribute to Gilda in the voices of La Delio Valdez, Karina La Princeta and three-time Gardel d’Oro Abel Pintos, Fito Pays from Miami to a convention. Join Zoom and press.

Fito Páez, Elegant And Happy, To Enter The Gallery Which Already Includes Charlie García, Andrés Calamaro, Mercedes Sousa And Luis Alberto Spinetta.  Photo Courtesy Of Press / Nora Lazano

Fito Páez, elegant and happy to enter the gallery, which already includes Charlie García, Andrés Calamaro, Mercedes Sousa and Luis Alberto Spinetta. Photo courtesy of Press / Nora Lazano

For the musician, Gardel d’Oro comes after 24 published studio albums, as well as four other live, last of which, conquest of space, confirms the course made with the album free city, which propelled him to the pinnacle of continental rock and pop, introduced his figure from Argentina to other countries.

In that context and from a news stage he was playing at the Fillmore Theater in Miami the week before, the Rosario musician first exchanged a few words with the National Radio team, the awards’ official radio station, and then Answered questions from other media, including bugle.

a long awaited award

“It was a long-awaited award for many years. But This joy is colored by the death of Palo (Pandolfo). We are all in a lot of shock. Anyway, we are enjoying these awards too”, Paige said at the start of the conversation.

– How does it feel to be in this club of Gardel d’Oro winners with Cerati, Calamaro, Spinetta, Charlie, Divididos, David, Marilina Bertoldi and Abel Pintos among others?

-I would say that Argentine music is a major since many years. It is a machine of enduring invention and Argentina is an artistic laboratory, so it gives you great pride to not only be part of the Gardel winners – which is a unique event – ​​but to feel that you are part of a family of very authentic artists. Huh. .

During The Gardell Awards 2021, Fito Shared A Presentation With David Leban.  Photo Courtesy Gardell Awards

During the Gardell Awards 2021, Fito shared a presentation with David Leban. Photo courtesy Gardell Awards

and are consistent with that genetics Involves commitment, confusion and risk taking In a sense, because Argentine music has always done so in all its genres without exception. And I don’t say “courage” because I don’t know if it’s a word that’s used to accompany musical activities.

So, obviously, everywhere in that sense always gives you that feeling of warmth that you only know when you’re an intrinsic part of that nation in this case of artists.

—And how about the satisfaction of sharing so many Gardel Awards with Nathi Peluso, with whom you recorded and shared the steps?

I admire Nathi a lot, I love her and she is a friend. She is a woman of extraordinary talent. She is a very sensual woman, very elegant and devoted to her art, with a lot of passion. It’s a voice that bursts onto the scene in an extraordinary way. And that makes me very happy, because a great artist is also being rewarded.

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