Home Entertainment “It makes me feel great”: Erica OV7s. confirms the distance between

“It makes me feel great”: Erica OV7s. confirms the distance between


In one video, Erica Zaba spoke candidly about the struggles between the OV7s.

MEXICO CITY.— Erica Zaba confirms that members of the musical group OV7 live hard moments. through a Video Which she shared on her YouTube channel, Singer. posted on talk about relationship what is between them.

“It makes me a little sad at the moment that we’re seven living now,” confessed Erica when she watched the scene in which OV7 tied her and her husband a tie on their wedding day. “It makes me feel so much that today we are separated” added the singer.

The YouTuber also explained that it was necessary for him that his teammates be present for him on that special day. Too addressed how they got her now husband, The band member told her husband, “From the first moment they adopted you, they loved you and they were happy that I married a great man.”

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What or what caused the OV7 fracture?

Lydia Avila, One of the band members, identified as the “culprit” of some of the problems, admitted that OV7. have a fracture, but assures that he is not the reason, as the alleged allegations that he had a homophobic attitude towards Mabaliya because of his affair with a woman are false.

for its part, Kalimba announced to the media that he had not told them anything about the series. Dimes and directs were dropped among the group after that, that his partner was doing an Oscar, and that he was expected to be paid to use his image, but Lydia clarified that everyone knewWhy did he sign a contract?

“I saw your statements, what can I say, six of us signed the rights So that they can talk about our lives, ”says the singer.

Lydia announced that Ari will not be seen in the series because he didn’t want to give up his rights on the project, and he The tour was canceled due to the expiration of the contract.

He insisted that Yes there is a break in the group, She doesn’t know why it arose and it’s a topic that torments her, she doesn’t have contact with many members and although she knows they’ve met her, they haven’t invited her to anything .