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It is revealed what Prince William and Prince Harry will do on the death anniversary of their mother, Princess Diana

  • Princess Diana is still very much loved
  • Her children have been in charge of honoring her
  • What happened to Princess Diana?

Princess Diana is one of the most beloved royals. Years have passed since she passed away from a car accident in Paris. People who considered her an eternal personality of the British monarchy continue to revere her. Her children are the least of her who have forgotten her.

Prince William, the next heir to the British crown after his father, and Prince Harry, who is no longer a prince since he relinquished his royal rights, have announced how they will commemorate the death anniversary of their mother Diana of Wales. .

What happened to Princess Diana?

What happened to Princess Diana?

Princess Diana, widely known as Lady Di, was one of the most important people of the 20th century. She made a huge impact not only within the British royals, but also globally. Her death meant one of her most remembered cultural events. On television, Lady Di’s funeral was seen by more than 2,000 million people.

Diana dies after a car accident in Paris, along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. Diana’s funeral is held at Westminster Abbey. A French investigation concludes that the driver Henri Paul, who according to the legal opinion was drunk at the time, is responsible for the accident. FILED FROM: Princess Diana’s Mourning Anniversary

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