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“It is not impossible for her to wake up”: Carmen Salinas’ condition changes slightly

Carmen Salinas si podría despertar, pero con secuelas

Doctors give Carmen Salina’s family hope for their recovery.

MEXICO CITY – Carmen Salinas placeholder image already takes a week in the hospital after suffering Cerebral hemorrhage when she was home to go to sleep. However, after she was hospitalized in an emergency, the actress’s relatives gave details of the health of the also producer.

Recently ‘Carmelita’s’ family announced this at least three specialists in neurology You have visited her for the past few days, but her diagnoses confirm that she is still tender but stable in relation to her serious condition.

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Carmen Salinas presents a slight improvement

In an interview with the morning newspaper “Venga la Alegría” the relatives of the actress reported about it Carmen Salinas placeholder image Your condition has changed slightly since your body receives electricity and involuntary movements occur, which is why the doctors repeat: “You have to accept that with great restraint.”

“You feed on food, it’s not food, your body takes advantage of it. There are still involuntary movements there is even movement in his face. You have to take that with a lot of restraintThat’s what the doctor tells us, “said Carmen Plascencia, the actress’ granddaughter.

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The young woman also pointed out that, despite the doctors’ prognoses, the family had decided to take these “signs” positively in relation to the development of the comedian, too. So they think that “it is not impossible for him to wake up”, however Consequences can exist.

“No sequelae, no. The neurologist says [que] it is not impossible for him to wake up, it is a difficult prognosis, but it is not impossible. My grandmother would not live without a ventilator, ”said the granddaughter of the Leading actress.

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