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It is already known when the second season of The Squid Game will take place

It established itself as the most successful series in the history of Netflix and ruled the world during the pandemic. It is now known that The Squid Game, Korean story, its second season will premiere On this platform by the end of 2023 or even 2024.

The information was provided by the creator of the series, hwang dong-hukuIn an interview with the magazine this Wednesday, May 18 Vanity Fair,

As of this publication, this delay is due to the fact that at the moment, Dong-hyuqi “It only has three pages of ideas” who are not yet captured in the final script.

The protagonist of the Netflix series "The Squid Game".

The protagonist of the Netflix series “The Squid Game”.

New tests for humans

The producers of the South Korean production briefly explained, “Humanity will be tested through the new games, which left a question in the air for fans of the series: “Is True Solidarity Between Humans Possible?”,

In January, Netflix officially confirmed that there would be a second season and that its executive director, Ted Sarandos, then stated that The Squid Game universe “has just begun”.

series, as conceived an allegory of world capitalismas was consecrated Production with the most cumulative viewing hours 1,650,450,000 hours watched on Netflix.

The platform paid just over $21 million to acquire the rights in 2021 Of the nine chapters of the first season, and it is estimated that it has earned more than 870 million in profits from the effect generated.

except, squid game won three golden globes More this year the series became the first non-English language series, and the first South Korean series to earn four nominations for the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In fact, its chiefs, Lee Jung-jae and Hoeon Jung, were recognized in the categories of Best Actor and Actress in a Dramatic Series respectively.

why did it become a boom

According to Netflix, the second season of Squid Game will take place in late 2023 or early 2024.

According to Netflix, the second season of Squid Game will take place in late 2023 or early 2024.

conspiracy of squid game Mix action, horror and suspense: 456 players in debt accept a mysterious offer that might save them.

The prize is more than appetizing: 45.6 billion won (about US$40 million) to be shared among the winners. But no one warns them about the small and sinister print of its organizers: those who lose, die,

In the first episode, everyone plays Red Light, Green Light, a game similar to English hide-and-seek (here it is called “1, 2, 3, cigarette 43”), but more macabre: the participant who moves when you have to stand still, that’s it shot to death,

And thus Half is “out of competition” After the opening game. Among the survivors is the story’s protagonist, Seong Gee-hun (Jung-jae Lee), a gambling addict, divorcee, and a daughter who is hard to sympathize with, but who deeply has a great heart.

If there’s one thing that characterizes most of these desperate players, it’s a lack of camaraderie. And it is clear that, immersed in the dynamic of “every man for himself”, everyone shows his misery.

different motivations

Participant of "The Squid Game", a game to the death.  netflix photo

Participant of “The Squid Game”, a game to the death. netflix photo

seeing squid gameIt is imperative not to think about recent South Korean production parasite, Oscar winning film Which also presented a suffocating conspiracy by crossing the issues of class taken to the extreme.

Another inescapable reference is George Orwell and his allegorical novel 1984, Like the book that talks of an all-encompassing state made up of mass surveillance and social oppression, this story too There’s a kind of big brother who keeps an eye on everything, Hence the series can be seen as a social and political critique of the present world.

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