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Ismail Serrano returns to Argentina to celebrate his 25-year career

Spanish singer-songwriter Ismail Serrano will launch his studio album in Argentina’s Mendoza province on June 24, in celebration of his 25-year musical career. We shall,

On his Argentina tour, following his premiere in Mendoza – where he would sing for two consecutive nights – the Madrid artist would visit Rosario, Neuquén, Bahia Blanca, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Tucumán and end with a double date in August. 5 and 6 at the Opera Theater in Buenos Aires.

In those weeks, according to his website, Serrano would combine Argentine renditions with several productions in Chile and Uruguay.

Ismail Serrano will be on a long tour of Argentina at the end of the month.

Ismail Serrano will be on a long tour of Argentina at the end of the month.

New Shows and Albums

The show, which has already been staged in Spain, mixes theater and songs, both with his latest work, called We shallLike his biggest hit.

Part of the scene would mimic an open mic television interview where he would address time, success, failure, and the path to love.

It is almost normal for them, the lyrics usually pay homage to the past, but there are melodies and verses that are a vocation for the future. “I think this album shares that look,” Serrano said of his latest work.

Ishmael Serrano.

Ishmael Serrano.

On the album, Serrano features collaborations with such voices as Clara Alvarado, Litus, Pablo Alborán, Ede and Jimena Ruiz Acazu.

“I wasn’t able to talk about the pandemic, the empty streets or the white lights of hospitals. I wanted to talk about the frozen life that awaited us, about that old normality, faulty and rusty eaten. Because almost everything looks more beautiful than when you’re lost,” he said.

stand out among their singles why we went You Fahrenheit 451A sweet cumbia with a literary touch that honors Ray Bradbury.

new songs

Serrano said, “I wrote these songs with the certainty that this storm will leave a lesson that will make us better. Even if it takes time. Despite the noise of headlines and news.”

We shall It was their first album of original songs in 7 years. “I’m not very prolific as a musician. I’m not the kind of person who writes songs all the time. I have friends who stick with music permanently. They own a guitar and at least they can give you a song.” Threatens to sing,” he said.

“When I compose—she explained—I know what I want to write about, what I want to talk about. And I had pending issues. I wanted to make a song that was an act of caring. Talk about another feminist struggle that affects women.

“And when I decided—he concluded—that I want to write about something, I do it. That’s how songs emerge, about ideas. I want to break the myth of the suffering singer-songwriter, who comes to settle life, the eternal loser… and I write i am not, either see you wake up, where I do an exercise on that. I told you what the singer-songwriter tells you.”


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