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Isabel Lascurain confesses that Raúl Velasco “threatened” her if she did not lose weight: “very superb”

Raul Velasco, He was one of the most important television hosts, it was even said that only with him the career of many could stand out or be stopped. For this reason, some rudeness has come to the surface that the famous presenter of Siempre en Domingo made with some artists. Such the case of Isabel Lascurain, who was required to lose weight.

It was in an interview with Yordi Rosado, where the members of Pandora revealed several details of his artistic career.

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In the midst of her experiences, the pressure that Isabel Lascurain experienced from Raúl Velasco to lose weight came out as relevant. She mentioned that the driver was direct and unfiltered. As for her physical appearance, she remembered that on one occasion she met her on a flight. She told him that if she didn’t come down, she wouldn’t be able to appear on TV again.

“Raúl Velasco demanded a lot from me, and I ended up loving him, but he was very hard on me. Velasco were so important that sometimes he had no filter to tell you things in some way. One day on a plane, he saw me with all the artists and told me: ‘If you don’t lose weight, you won’t be on TV again.’ He was very demanding with me, but at the end of time, honor to whom honor is due, ”he indicated.

In this sense, Mayte – Isabel’s sister – assured that such was the impact of Velasco’s criticism of her relative that she decided to write a letter to express her annoyance:

“I already had cancer, I say it with all due respect, and one day, I am not a person who can remain silent, and I wrote to him: ‘Mr. Velasco, first of all, thank you for all the support because we are who we are thanks to your television program. , but you have been a strong man, you have treated my sister with great difficulty, you have been arrogant with the artists, you have been little tolerant’”, he said in the letter.


Did you get a response? According to what Mayte revealed, Velasco answered the letter. He appreciated his words and related his bad attitude to the cancer he was fighting:

“They were very difficult people, very arrogant, very unsympathetic and we had no choice but to pay attention to them.” He answers me and tells me: ‘Mayte, how can I thank you for everything you are telling me because if I had never understood why what is happening to me is happening to me, liver cancer, today you are giving me a reason,’ “he added.


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