Home Entertainment is the first live film record of the trio’s beginnings

is the first live film record of the trio’s beginnings

is the first live film record of the trio's beginnings

Among the pioneering bands and soloists of Argentine rock, Manal undoubtedly occupies a privileged place. With its blusera imprint impregnated with suburb, the trio’s legacy, reflected in works such as Avellaneda Blues, Rivadavia Avenue, Tomato juice or No kid it is constantly updated in the streets of our CABA and the eternal deep suburbs.

However, despite the relevance that the band made up of Claudio Gabis, Javier Martínez and Alejandro Medina acquired in the late 1960s, which lasted into the early 1970s, which included a “residency” at Di Tella and two presentations in different stages, there was never a filmic record of the group, until the brand new exhumation of a presentation that occurred in 1971.

Precisely Gabis, guitarist of the formation, He described the rescue of the only existing film record of a Manal show as a “marvelous feat” in its early years, taken at Garay Park in Santa Fe, which can be seen on the Contar platform as part of the Stage 3 Cinema – + Music Festival; and said he was “very happy” for this publication.

In Colors.  Javier Martínez, Alejandro Medina And Claudio Gabis, The Members Of Manal.

In colors. Javier Martínez, Alejandro Medina and Claudio Gabis, the members of Manal.

Live and in the heat of the masses

“I am very happy, very happy, not only with the discovery of this particularly rare material from Manal playing live, but I am also grateful for the work that went into restoring it and making it known to the public through the festival. A marvelous feat that fills me with pride and excites me a lot, “the musician told Télam from Spain.

As the guitarist of the historic trio completed by Martínez and Medina recalled, that performance took place within the framework of the reopening of the Santa Fe park, before a turnout of around 40,000 spectators, which made it the most massive show of the group.

“It was not very common at that time, in any musical genre, to be played for so many audiences. The moment was great, the audience was very varied and what can be seen and heard from Manal I like and excite me, because I hardly listened to live material from that time, “Gabis remarked.

In this sense, he pointed out that at that time “no sound was recorded or filmed as is done now due to the high cost of the material, even for home movies,” which is why There are not many videos of the initiation groups of Argentine rock.

Claudio Gabis Celebrated The Rescue Of The Tapes, Which He Described As A &Quot;Feat&Quot;.  Photo Diego Waldmann

Claudio Gabis celebrated the rescue of the tapes, which he described as a “feat”. Photo Diego Waldmann

Yesterday, lack of vision; today, lack of records

“It was not entirely believed in that movement that was brewing and no time or money was wasted in witnessing it in any way. For this reason, I ask whoever has records so that they can reach out to people who can reissue or restore it, so that the groups and artists of the time are known a little more, “Gabis summoned.

The publication for the first time of images of Manal in its beginning was possible from the research work carried out by Iván Wolovik, artistic director of the festival, who decided to look for these tapes after learning of their existence.

“This comes from an investigation I did last year of the discovery of Almond material, from a documentary by Alcira Luengas. That meant that from the festival we could put together the first necessary process in this type of materials, to find them, clean them and display them. That’s how I found out that there was a live recording of Manal, “Wolovik told this agency.

In Its Beginnings.  Manal, In A Railway Location.

In its beginnings. Manal, in a railway location.

From tapes to digital, flood in between

The work was arduous because the original tapes, taken by two film students and passed years later to a VHS cassette, were victims of floods in the province of Santa Fe in 2006 and, in addition, they did not have the audio, so they had to do tracking work and, later, synchronization.

“The function of the festival is that, not to put a link on YouTube saying that this material appeared, because the materials do not appear, but we find them after an investigation and they are given a value so that they once again become one of the pillars of our culture. We try to recover memory through our archives, “he explained.

As if the mere fact that Manal’s film material was published for the first time was not enough to make it something historical, the director remarked that the video interprets Elena, one of the last songs of the group in that first stage, recorded for a compilation of the Mandioca label.

Although the festival will culminate this Thursday, December 30, Wolovik anticipated that the validity of the link in which Manal’s video is published (https://www.cont.ar/pelicula/3ae4554f-0ea8-449c-9251-898bd10c5e89) “may last a few more days”.


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