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Is Kanye West in Oaxaca? memes. In “He Drops His Taluda”

kanye west en oaxaca

Oaxaca.–It’s not necessary Oaxac. Confirm Kanye West’s Appearance inSo that the social network is flooded with “memes”.

This Thursday morning, photos of the Grammy winner for “Jesus Is King” began to circulate, presumably at that institution’s airport, with their children and musical instruments waiting in luggage and boxes. None of the known images show signs of being an Oaxacan headquarters, but it was enough for one tweet to be convincing that the virtual jokes started.

Kanye West “loses his Taluda”

Thus, there is meme with west Looking to the land and legend “I dropped my teluda”.

Another in which the protagonist of the movie Girls is heavily riding a car, with the text “Get in, look for Kanye West in Oaxaca while we have artisan coffee.”

In another, an image was used from the official account of Kim Kardashian, her former partner with a white shirt on it and the legend: “Someone who loves me so much, brought me this shirt from Oaxaca.”

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Why is Kanye West considered in Oaxaca?

West appears in the pictures sitting in a luggage band with his children North, St., Chicago and Psalm, as well as the girl they care for. Unofficial versions assure that it was not actually their arrival, but their return to Los Angeles, after spending a few days in the land of Taluda and the Locusts, either to record or planning a new album.

The Oaxacan capital and its surrounding areas are the center of attention for international and national artists, either to relax or work.

“Nacho Libre” starring Jack Black had locations in Atla, the same location where the scenes for “End Your Mother Two” by Alfonso Cuarón were filmed. Those responsible for filming in the unit confirmed that they had no news of any recordings with West.

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