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Monday, August 15, 2022

Is Juan Gabriel back? They launch a mysterious message from the Instagram of ‘Divo de Juárez’

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John Gabriel, better known as The Divo of Juarezkeep giving of what speak even though his death was recorded in 2016. And it is that in his social networks ‘reappeared’ with a strange message that has given much to talk about.

Through your Instagram account, a mysterious post went viral since July 30.

They assure that Juan Gabriel had problems with Gerardo, son of Don Chente: armed men pressed

In the posting, a single word appeared from Juan Gabriel’s account. In it was placed the word: ALREADY. Without more information about it, cAs expected, the post went viral with multiple likes and comments.

And it is that for many, it is likely that an unpublished theme of the famous will come –which he left recorded before he died– although for others it may be advertising based on the Tell me and say that he is presumably still alive, as Joaquín Muñoz has said.

“Please let this be a clue that after more than 6 years waiting for the end of Los Duos, now we do have them”; “There are collaborations that for years we know were recorded and all the disaster that the family or the record company has has not allowed us to enjoy the king’s voice for the last time and that is not valid”; “Don’t play with my feelings and net that it is the expected Los Dúos 3 because it is the only reason why I continue living ha, ha, ha”; “We know that there will no longer be videos with him, but at least let them listen to that album that has been on hiatus for so many years,” reads between the reactions.


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