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Is Jennifer Lopez’s daughter gay? Here the whole truth! (PHOTOS)

  • They reveal the truth about Emme Muniz, JLo’s daughter
  • Jennifer Lopez reveals that her daughter belongs to the ‘non-binary’ gender
  • That’s how JLo ‘shouted’ it to the world!

Daughter Jennifer Lopez gay. Despite the fact that JLo is one of the most recognized artists worldwide, her private life has given much to talk about, especially the controversy over her daughter Emme Muniz, who recently became known publicly as a person of gender non binary.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had Emme and her twin brother Maximiliam David together fourteen years ago. Emme decided to focus on her musical life, as is the example of her parents, but there are many people who still have doubts about her private life, so here we reveal all the details of her.

We remind you of Emme’s first appearance in public

daughter jennifer lopez gay

If you do not remember the 2020 Super Bowl, here we will tell you again, Jennifer Lopez appeared with Shakira in the Super Bowl edition at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. This show raised a large audience from her seats dancing to the Latin rhythm.

However, one of the most significant moments of that moment was the appearance of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter on stage, singing along with her and leaving the moment as one of the most iconic in all of history, since Emme Muniz had not seen publicly in quite some time (VIDEO). Filed Under: Daughter Jennifer Lopez gay

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