Is it true that Biby Gaytán has strict rules? Eduardo Capetillo Speaks

MEXICO.-EDuardo Capetillo breaks the silence The alleged restrictions he may have imposed on his wife Bibi GayatanA statement, which postponed the couple’s marriage for many years.

Eduardo Captillo’s response

through a He shared the video on his Instagram accountThe actor categorically denied that there were any rules he imposed Bibby, And these editions are believed to be nothing more than a product of jealousy stemming from the stability he has had with his wife for 26 years.

“Our relationship does not have those kinds of rules, not even remotely. Our relationship has a lot of love and a lot of respect, but I understand that so much love and so much respect for so long because it creates jealousy is something. In people. ”

What is said about the relationship between Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Guyton?

Capetillo, some of whom stated that he had stopped Bibi Guyton from venturing into the world of entertainment and citing details of his personal life, realizes that those who have spoken about him are people whose Pass is complex and low self-esteem.

“Remember that whoever attacks you the most is the one who is the most hurt, the one who is the most broken inside. These people have very complex and deeply damage self-esteem, So what you need to do is understand them, understand them. “

Angry with their relationship

The actor pointed out that although there are people who are troubled by the fact that their relationship lasts for 26 years and that their family is united and solid, he wishes them all, as well as his most loyal followers, who socialist through the network Show your affection and congratulate him on his family type. “The truth is that they are least bothered that we live together, that we keep the nucleus of this family so solid and with so much love. But I include them as well, and I thank them as well And bless them with my love and God. All, “he said.

After being silent for a long time, Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Guyton RThey appeared a few years ago, and currently share their day-to-day lives with their followers as a family with their five children.

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