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Is it the end already? They announce the last person to be eliminated from THE HOUSE OF FAMOUS

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  • This is the last time a celebrity is eliminated
  • The House is already in its final stretch
  • What will happen now with the members of the orange room?

Apart from Ivonne Montero, who is already guaranteed her presence in the final round, Daniella Navarro, Laura Bozzo, Nacho Casano, Salvador Zerboni and Toni Costa are still at risk. Now everything depends on the viewers, they will have the decision of who will continue in La Casa de los Famosos.

As announced a couple of weeks ago, the blue and purple rooms would cease to exist. The boss gave the order that the remaining celebrities would have to spend their last days together in the reality show. Just as alliances were made, many enmities were also formed.

Ivonne the first finalist!

Ivonne the first finalist!

The program “The House of Celebrities 2” is coming to an end and there is less and less time to find out who will be the celebrity who wins first place and therefore the $200,000 prize. Although there are still a few days left, the first person who will be in the final is already known: Mexican actress Ivonne Montero. Next week the reality show ends.

Despite the fact that she has not been very loved by her peers, the 48-year-old artist has managed to reach this instance of the reality show Telemundo and also to win the privilege of being the leader of the week, so she will not be able to be nominated in the last week of elimination, so her permanence for the final is already assured.

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