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Is Chyno Miranda dead? The singer’s cousin comes out to tell the whole truth

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  • Is Chyno Miranda dead?
  • Now it is his first cousin who breaks the silence.
  • After rumors of his death confirm that he is still in rehabilitation.

Chyno Miranda is dead. Yesterday it was spread through Mundo Now that after it became known that Chyno Miranda’s health had worsened, various rumors began to circulate around the Venezuelan singer, as various headlines mentioned the death of the interpreter of ‘It went out he calls her’ and now it is his first cousin who speaks about it.

After facing the serious consequences that Covid-19 has left him at 37 years old and according to health reports, Peripheral Neuropathy will remain forever in the Venezuelan singer’s immune system, they announced that Chyno Miranda was ‘recluded’ in a rehabilitation center.

Is Chyno Miranda dead?

Chyno Miranda is dead

As we well know, on the internet we can find an infinity of information, which is divided into fake news and the true, because at the end of last July a headline began to circulate that caused great sadness and concern in the faithful followers of the singer , the apparent death of the Chyno.

After that, the singer’s manager was the one who came out to speak that the singer “is alive” and that his absence is due to the fact that he is in rehabilitation, now a first cousin of Chyno Miranda breaks the silence after rumors of the interpreter’s death of ‘Me provokes’ and tells the whole truth.

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