Is Britney Spears already married to Sam Asghari?

Is Britney Spears already married to Sam Asghari?

Britney Spears then caught the attention of her fans The princess of pop referred to Sam Asghari as her husbandwhich raises the question of whether he is already married.

And as far as we know Britney and Sam have been engaged since September last year.but the singer took to her social networks, where she shared a story and called Sam “My Husband”.

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Britney was happy to say that it is the first time in his life that he is in a resort where there are no paparazzi and is that Spears was in on vacation Carmen Beach Y TulumMexico.

Spears took the opportunity to say that her lawyer showed her the most beautiful places she knew and that she wanted her moment to take pictures of her husband.

“Acceptance and freedom are my key factors in my life right now as well as love for this delicious man I love so much,” Britney wrote.

That freedom, she said, has allowed her to talk to other people and describe to her friends how she’s getting married.

actually Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are not marriedoh, but she’s already calling him Husband and together they work not only on the wedding, but also on work projects.

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