Irina Beva does not deny marriage

MEXICO CITY (L UNIVERSAL). – Irina Beva and her partner, Gabriel Soto, have a cultural exchange, because when she accepts everything Mexican, she already starts learning Russian and it fills her with joy , And more she claims that he does very well, even though his native language is very difficult.

Being from two different cultures, it is not surprising that couples plan a wedding where the two traditions come together, where both they and their families can enjoy themselves.

Although the ceremony is yet to be dated, the 28-year-old commented: “I will make a fusion between Russian and Mexican because there are many traditions and things that I like that are done in Russia and about the same. Time I like That is how weddings happen in Mexico, my friend Michelle Renaud always calls me Russian-Mexican and I think it will be a Russian and Mexican wedding, it will be the right thing for me and the great thing is that Gabriel also sees it Very beautiful because she is already studying Russian, ”she happily commented.

On 28 October, Gabriel Soto proposed to Irina on her 28th birthday. The two have started working after wedding time and now Irina is celebrating the launch of the second season of “El Dragon”, which will start tomorrow at 9pm. 30 in the night

For his part, his life partner, Gabriel Soto, is about to close the cycle of the telenovela “Te Accurdas de Me”, and he already has a chance to resume his boxing foundation, as well as various things on television New plan.

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