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Irina Baeva celebrates her birthday with an incredible party in Qatar… and then in NY

away from her fiancé Gabriel Soto and singing Monotony, Irina Baeva celebrated his 30th birthday with an impressive party qatar, country in which he has spent the last few weeks for work reasons, since he is part of the Televisa team responsible for covering the 2022 World Cup.

After traveling to Russia to visit her family, the actress has been enjoying the splendid doha citywhere he filmed some capsules for the World Cup, to be held from November 20 to December 18. However, the celebration did not end there because the driver and her friends they took a flight to New York to continue the party.

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Last Tuesday, October 25, Irina Baeva boarded a luxury yacht with a small group of friends, together with whom he blew out the candles on his chocolate cake, danced and sang.

The actress, of Russian origin, documented every minute of her celebration through her account Instagram. In the images she is seen wearing an elegant black swimsuit posing on top of the yacht in the middle of the sea and having the backdrop of the huge skyscrapers that characterize the nation of Qatar.

Irina Baeva (Instagram).

Irina Baeva (Instagram).

Her millions of followers paid full attention to a video in which Irina Baeva interprets Monotonya song that Shakira recently launched in collaboration with Ozuna and which is believed to be dedicated to her former partner and father of her children, Gerard Piqué.

The decision to upload this video in which she dances and sings a heartbreak song caught the attention of Internet users given the reports that indicate that Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto would be facing a crisis in their courtship, situation that the actor has denied.

Irina Baeva celebrates her birthday (Instagram).

Irina Baeva celebrates her birthday (Instagram).

Gabriel Soto’s congratulations

That same day, Gabriel Soto shared a publication to congratulate his fiancee, however, his followers described it as a cold message, since unlike other years, the actor did not write any “I love you”.

Birthday girl. That it is back to the sun is full of blessings, health, love and many successes. I will tell you the rest in person in a few days, “reads the text that she accompanied with a portrait of Irina Baeva.

Irina Baeva continues the party in NY

Although the celebration of her birthday began early in Qatar, at night the famous was already in The city that never sleeps. Once installed in her hotel, she premiered an impressive transparent pink dress with brilliant applications and openings on the sides at the height of the legs.

Underneath the dress, she wore a coordinated crop top and shorts, both garments in white, as well as metallic sandal-type sneakers.

The actress took a series of photographs in the middle of the New York street. Along with the snapshots, she wrote a long message about how happy and fulfilled she is when she turns 30.”This literal year I had to celebrate my birthday on top of the plane, but that’s how it happens when it happens. And yes, at first I was a little sad, but thinking about it and counting the last few years, I couldn’t be happier and more grateful with life.“.

He added: “YouMany mistakes and successes, achievements and experiences, so many learnings lead me to be the woman I am today. And I’m so proud of myself. Of the human being that I am, of the path I have traveled, of the dreams I have fulfilled, and, above all, with so many things ahead. They say that 30 is the best stage of life.


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