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Ireland Baldwin reacts to dad Alec and stepmom Hilaria having seventh child: ‘None of my business’

Ireland Baldwin has said she has received “countless messages” about her father and explained why she is not worried about getting another half-brother.

Ireland Baldwin26, shares her thoughts about her father alec baldwin64, having another child with his wife Hilaria Baldwin, 38. After the couple announced they were pregnant with their seventh child, Ireland shared a lengthy message on Instagram on April 7 and addressed her father’s growing family. “I get countless messages from people who are concerned about my father and his family,” the model wrote. “I think a lot of people take my opinion on any of this, here it is for free – it’s none of my business. To all the media outlets that reached out for a quote—there’s your quote . I do not care.”

Ireland, whose mother is Kim Basingerfurther stated that she has focused on her life in Oregon with her boyfriend, the musician Andre Alan Anjoso, and their six dogs. “I smoke weed, I eat well, and I love having my own business,” Ireland said. He also clapped on the critics of his career. “I’m a model, I’m a screenwriter, I’m a dog breeder with a rescue at work, and I own a business. I worked hard to get where I am and there are many benefits.

After sharing that her parents have been “very helpful” in her life, Ireland explained that her mother “didn’t go a day without telling me how much she believed in me.” Ireland, however, made no mention of his father in the rest of the message, where he told his followers that he was “so grateful and fortunate to be where I am.”

Speaking of Alec, he continues to navigate life after a fatal accident on the set of his film Warwho left the cinematographer helena hutchins dead. In form of 30 Rock As the alum faces a wrongful death trial by the victim’s husband, she and Hilaria proudly announce that their next “Baldvinito” is due out this fall. He told the good news to his six children in a video Hilaria shared on March 29.

Ireland Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin with Alec and Hilaria Baldwin (Photo: Scott Roth / InVision / AP / Shutterstock)

Ireland and Alec have had a complicated relationship. During his bitter divorce with Kim, the actor referred to his daughter as a “thoughtless little pig” in an infamous voicemail leaked in April 2007, when Ireland was 11 years old. But Ireland has taken the high road, and now that her bond with her father is strengthened, she makes fun of the cringe-worthy situation.

For example, she remarked “pig” during Alec’s roast. one night only in 2017. “That was a decade ago, and my dad and I are in a much better place now. He would never say anything like that. Because I’m 6’2″ and I’ll get my ass kicked,” Ireland said.

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