Home Entertainment Invest US$400 million for a new trilogy

Invest US$400 million for a new trilogy

Invest US$400 million for a new trilogy

a new trilogy the Exorcist, for which Universal will spend $400 million. What’s more: In an unexpected twist, Ellen Burstyn (88), who played Chris McNeil, the mother of demon-possessed Regan in the 1973 classic, returns for the same role.

Universal plans to release the first of the three films on October 13, 2023. The date has its own logic: October is Halloween month, and it’s not the first company to release its horror movies around Halloween.

It is unclear whether the other two films will have a theatrical release, as the label plans to GoodThe Hollywood company is showcasing some of its productions on its new streaming service Peacock.

Linda Blair: She Was 13 And Had To Put On Bodyguards For Six Months After The Premiere.  Photo Clarin Archive

Linda Blair: She was 13 and had to put on bodyguards for six months after the premiere. photo clarin archive

a new trilogy the Exorcist, we said. Well, basically, when William Friedkin’s film (1973) was released, no one thought of saga – the word saga was not in vogue at the time – and films that follow the possessed girl (cute blair, now 62) and his mother (Ellen Burstyn) were definitely spoiled. is 1977 Exorcist: Heretic, with Richard Burton and Linda Blair, and in 1990 George C. Scott would have been paid a fortune to lead the cast. Exorcist: LegióN.

If this figure sounds crazy ($400 million for three movies), there’s more recent history that supports this kind of madness, before someone called it worthless.

One Of The Most Iconic Images From The Film.  The New Sequel Opens In 2023.  Photo File Clarin

One of the most iconic images from the film. The new sequel opens in 2023. photo file clarin

Netflix put US$450 million for the rights to the two sequels on the table or in the producers’ bank account knives out (between knives and secrets) Amazon paid US$125 million 2 Coming to Americahandjob sequel a prince in new york, which is nothing but the $200 million he spent tomorrow’s war, recently streaming premiere with Chris Pratt.

Officially, what was known about the new the Exorcist, directed by David Gordon Green (who also relaunched it) Halloween John Carpenter) that it is “a sequel to the 1973 film about a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by a mysterious demonic entity, forcing her mother to enlist the help of two priests to save her Does matter.” It is produced by Blumhouse, a studio whose premiere is one of paranormal activity You Getaway!.

The Image That Was A Poster.  Max Von Sydow As Father Merin, Illuminated By Light From Regan'S Bedroom.  Photo Clarin Archive

The image that was a poster. Max von Sydow as Father Merin, illuminated by light from Regan’s bedroom. photo clarin archive

Well, it is now known that the cast includes Leslie Odom Jr., acclaimed by hamilton You a night in miami, and that her character tracks down Burstyn after her son is near her.

so this new the Exorcist Days, months, years, or decades don’t have to pass by the events of the 1973 film, which garnered 10 Oscar nominations, including director (William Friedkin) leading actress (Boorstin) supporting actor (Linda Blair and Jason Miller, Karras). priests). Joe Father Merin -Max von Sydow- assists in the exorcism) and the film. It was the first film in the horror genre to receive such a nomination.

Linda Blair With A Wax Doll.  Linda Is The One On The Right.  Photo Clarin Archive

Linda Blair with a wax doll. Linda is the one on the right. photo clarin archive

And it won two statuettes, another for best script based on a medium (for William Peter Blatty, who wrote the original novel) and soundtrack. There were no awards for special effects or visuals, because if not, Regan’s levitation and green vomit from ripe peas would have given the Warner Bros.

what is blumhouse

The American film studio Blumhouse Productions, which has a ten-year production deal with Universal, was founded by Jason Blum. It usually makes low budget, high profit horror movies. Perfect equation.

Ellen Burstyn Is Back, At Least For The First Of Three Movies To Be Made.  Photo Clarin Archive

Ellen Burstyn is back, at least for the first of three movies to be made. photo clarin archive

Headings already paranormal activity You Getaway! they can be combined devil’s night (costing $1.5 million, grossing $99.5 million worldwide), by James Wan, producer fear game You mantra, frightening, with Ethan Hawke ($3 million and $82 million), night of atonement, Or The Purge, another with Hawk (US$3 million, and US$89 million).

Our the Exorcist, produced at the time by Warner Bros., cost $11 million to produce and grossed $441 million. From the same year, for example, the hit, with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and which won the Oscar for Best Picture, with its period costumes and setting, cost half that but grossed 151 million.

Linda Blair, Who Is Now 62 Years Old.  Photo Clarin Archive

Linda Blair, who is now 62 years old. photo clarin archive

Three films in which the production company Blumhouse participated were nominated for an Oscar: Sprain (2014), Getaway! (2017) and) KKKlan Intruder (2018).

Ten things you didn’t know about the Exorcist

1) The famous vomiting scene was filmed only once. But for a reason. Regan’s vomit was not on Father Karras’ face, but on his chest. But the plastic tube failed and hit his face. The shock and disgust reaction when Jason Miller cleaned up the vomit is real, with the actor admitting he was furious at the mistake. The substance Regan vomited was thick pea soup.

They Weren'T All Smiles On Set.  Linda Blair And Director, William Friedkin.  Photo Clarin Archive

They weren’t all smiles on set. Linda Blair and director, William Friedkin. photo clarin archive

2) Linda Blair was 13 when the film was released. Due to the death threats he received from religious fans who claimed that the film “glorified the devil,” Warner Bros. placed him with bodyguards for six months before the US premiere.

3) Ellen Burstyn agreed to make the film only if her character was not required to say a line of dialogue that was in the original script: “I believe in the devil!” The producers agreed to eliminate her, and Burstyn earned the second Oscar nomination of her career, her first as a leading lady.

Jason Miller (Father Karras) Didn'T Have To Vomit In His Face... Photo File Clarín

Jason Miller (father Karras) didn’t have to vomit in his face… Photo File Clarín

4) There are stories about the horrific events surrounding the shooting, which lasted nearly a year, including the deaths of nine people involved in the production, and stories about a mysterious fire that destroyed the set over a weekend. Actors Jack McGovern and Vasiliki Maliaros died before the film was released.

5) The bedroom had to be cooled with four air conditioners to bring the temperature below zero and capture the authentic icy breath of the actors in the exorcism scenes.

&Quot;The Exorcist&Quot; Was The First Horror Film To Be Nominated For An Oscar.  He Won Two Statues.  Photo Clarin Archive

“The Exorcist” was the first horror film to be nominated for an Oscar. He won two statues. photo clarin archive

6) The voice of the demon is that of a woman. Actress Mercedes McCambridge swallowed raw eggs, smoked and drank whiskey to further distort her vocals.

7) By order of the director, McCambridge was also tied to a chair with pieces of sheet torn around his neck, arms, wrists, legs and feet, to give a more realistic sound of fighting against the odds of the demon.

Three To Succeed.  In 2010, When A Remastered Version Was Released: William P.  Blatty, Linda Blair And William Friedkin.  Ap Photo

Three to succeed. In 2010, when a remastered version was released: William P. Blatty, Linda Blair and William Friedkin. ap photo

8) Jason Miller (Karras’ father) had a major argument with director William Friedkin when Friedkin fired a gun near his ear to elicit an authentic response from the actor.

9) The director asked technical consultant Thomas Birmingham to remove the set. The reverend declined, saying that exorcism might increase anxiety. But he went to the sets, blessed and spoke to reassure the cast and crew.

10) According to writer William Peter Blatty, Warner Bros. wanted to change the title of the film after the trial and none of the contestants knew what the exorcist was.