Intimate confessions of celebrities who now talk about their personal lives

The pandemic seems to have sparked two trends in Argentine aerial television. is there any Reality show revivalIt doesn’t matter whether it’s cooking, singing, dancing, sewing or pastries. there are others Confessions of Famous, at all times and without any discrimination in the tone of the program or channel.

Far from the time when they marked off territory trying to talk only what they wantedMany public figures are now indulging in very private things. Trauma that stretches from childhood to mild anecdotes.

Perhaps accustomed to the dynamics of social networks, where intimacy is usually shared with whoever wants to see it, The line between the individual and the public is no longer impassable. Here are some examples of celebrities who dared to reveal an event — in most cases traumatic — from their past.

Graciela Alfano I must say (USA)

Actress Luis Novaresio Walks Through The Living Room Of A Bicycle.

Actress Luis Novaresio walks through the living room of a bicycle.

In conversation with Luis Novarecio, “La Alfano” was talking about a time when her son Francisco, the fruit of her marriage to Enrique Capozolo, was on the verge of death in Mexico.

The actress described what she felt when she arrived in Aztec land in 2009 and saw her son hospitalized after a car accident: “I couldn’t process it, I was tough. I understood that truth What is love and I want to give my life for it.

“He had a phrase when we came out of all that, that we went out together. He told me: ‘Mom, I don’t remember anything about the accident, the only thing I remember is that I was in intensive care, you came in and threw me an umbilical cord.’Confessed the former model and star.

abel pintos we can talk (telefe)

In addition to reviewing his debut in music and reflecting on love and fatherhood, Abel Pintos reveals a painful childhood memory, the death of a friend.

“It was at my meeting, the last time I saw a childhood friend named Corina,” the singer began when Andy Kusnetzoff gave the slogan “Go back in time”..

Abel Pintos, With Tears In His Eyes, Recalls A Tragic Incident From His Childhood.

Abel Pintos, with tears in his eyes, recalls a tragic incident from his childhood.

“When he left, (because) he could not live long due to a health issue, he sent me another friend to tell him that he wanted to kiss me on the cheek. He came, he gave me a gave a kiss, I gave him a kiss and he told me ‘I love you’ u I didn’t know how to say ‘I love you’. And I never saw him again, and I miss him every day in my life,” he said. Abel, already shedding tears.

nazarena vallejo Live For You (The Nine)

On April 9, 2010, Jasmine, younger sister of nazarena vallejoDied in a car accident, when he was only 21 years old. The media continues to remember her with pain, and recently she admitted that she has yet to recover from that loss.

Nazarena Vélez Admitted That She Has Not Yet Recovered From The Death Of Her Younger Sister, Jazmin.

Nazarena Vélez admitted that she has not yet recovered from the death of her younger sister, Jazmin.

“I think that I never mourned my sister to honor my parents’ mourning. See my parents carrying my sister’s drawer, see how they stood … “, the actress shook, in conversation Carolina Papelio. She opened up about her son, Thiago, saying, “What happened to my sister killed me, Titi clinging to life.”

Ulysses Good At lunch with Mirtha Legrand (El Tres)

invited to the first program of having lunch with mirtha lagron From this 2021, the Cuarteira star revealed how he interacted with his family on the day he learned of his brother Rodrigo’s death.

“We all locked ourselves in the hotel room we were in, because the press had invaded our lives in such a terrible way, that we didn’t know how to continue. Yu we set out to kill ourselves“, shooting. “It was my mother who said” ‘Now what shall we do? How do we continue?’”, he assured.

Ulysses Bueno Reveals How His Family Dealt With The Death Of His Brother Rodrigo.  Tv Capture

Ulysses Bueno reveals how his family dealt with the death of his brother Rodrigo. TV capture

Ulysses said that he was one of those who placed his breast on her and convinced his men to move on. “I didn’t want to die. For us Rodrigo wasn’t the artist, he was my brother, he was my mother’s son, he had magic in the house; it wasn’t El Potro that filled the stadiums,” he recalled.

Soledad Silvera I must say (USA)

On Confession That Luis Novaresio proposes every Sunday, the actress admitted: “Sex has been very important in my life, but it hasn’t been a hero. woman has been quiet for a long time“, he sighed.

I Must Say, &Quot;Solita&Quot; Confessed That For Two Years She Has Not Had Sex.  Tv Capture.

I must say, “Solita” confessed that for two years she has not had sex. TV capture.

The driver picked up the glove. “Till when?” He asked. “I don’t know, I don’t remember, but already two years easier. You have to be careful,” said Solita without hesitation.

“The only thing I miss about the man is the hug and control, I’m very feminist, but I like male restraint“, deepened the actress and host.

Vero Lozano Team Flower (Telefe)

conductor of cut for lozano She was a guest of the circle which is led by Florencia Pea. actress of marriage with children He wanted to know about a special relationship Vero has with his mother: “Is it true that you talk to your mother?” He asked.

Veronica Lozano Opens Up About Her Role As A Medium With Florencia Pea.

Veronica Lozano opens up about her role as a medium with Florencia Pea.

“Yes, sure, and she is dead i must say“, he openly confessed.” I speak, but he doesn’t answer me. I don’t have any dialogue,” added Lozano, which made the studio laugh. I speak with my mother, with my grandmother. I talk to the dead. i tell them things”, he added, revealing his side as a medium.

Dani “La Chepy” in Los Mamons (USA)

The actress and influencer were sitting in the living room of this Monday jay mammon and talked about going through tough times during the pregnancy of her daughter, Isabella (age 8). She confessed that, four days after telling her family that she was pregnant, her father went to a study and gave her a stroke. “He was prostrated and never spoke again,” revealed La Chepée.

former participant of masterchef celebrity He assured that he managed to move forward thanks to the love of his daughter. “It was in the first week that I found out I was pregnant. I thought I was going to die. An idol, my guide, my prop got sick,” she admitted, clearly shaken. And he concluded: “My father is still a prisoner of his body.”

Selina stayed we can talk (telefe)

“I had leukemia”Said the actress in the circle of Andy Kusnetzoff. And she said that when she went to the doctor for a check-up, “she started seeing some red dots (…), so I felt perfect at the doctor,” the model described.

Rookie confesses that it was her partner who reported that she had leukemia. “There I went in for the first time. I was in New York, in another country, with another language…”, he said. And he assured that his attitude to the disease was “always the same.”

Selina Rookie Talks About Her Fight Against Leukemia On The Andy Kusnetzoff Show.

Selina Rookie talks about her fight against leukemia on The Andy Kusnetzoff Show.

“I didn’t tell anyone, only my closest circle and that’s when I found out my treatment was working,” said the star. “I never stop joking and amusing myself. I looked swollen, bruised, bruised, but I looked in the mirror and made fun of me and laughed“Shared Selina.