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Interview with Hailee Steinfeld, the Oscar nominee girl who takes over from Hawkeye

Interview with Hailee Steinfeld, the Oscar nominee girl who takes over from Hawkeye

He has just turned 25 and is already a star of Hollywood and the Universe of Marvel (Not the cinematographic one, for now, but the series one). This Wednesday, December 23 Disney + premieres the sixth and last chapter of Hawkeye, the miniseries – if it is a miniseries it shouldn’t have another season, but … – in which Hailee Steinfeld is the co-star with Jeremy renner.

Hawkeye is the character of the Oscar nominee Renner, whom we have seen in several Marvel films, such as those of Avengers. An expert archer, bow and arrow, Clint Barton, his name “in civilian”, started the miniseries trying to get home with his family to celebrate Christmas, but a certain incident will alter everyone’s plans.

And he’ll put Hawkeye fanatic Kate Bishop almost as skilled with the bow as he is.

Hailee Steinfeld Is Kate Bishop, A Young Archer Who Idolizes Hawkeye.  Photo Disney +

Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop, a young archer who idolizes Hawkeye. Photo Disney +

But before coming to this role, Hailee Puring Steinfeld had an incredibly fast upward career.

As a child she had participated in a couple of series and already had a co-starring character in nerves of steel (2010), the western remake that the Coen brothers made of the classic with John Wayne (who won the Oscar), with Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. She was Mattie Ross, the tough-headed teenager who wants to find her father’s killer.

Jeff Bridges And Hailee Steinfeld In &Quot;Temple Of Steel&Quot; By The Coen Brothers, For Which The Actress Was Nominated For An Oscar.  Photo Clarín Archive

Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld in “Temple of Steel” by the Coen brothers, for which the actress was nominated for an Oscar. Photo Clarín Archive

Hailee had to go through eight auditions to get the role, which earned her, among other distinctions, an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. It did not win it, nor did the film win any of the 10 statuettes for which it was a candidate, including best film, but it was for Melissa leo for The winner. But hard to forget about her face.

It was a decade before she was Kate Bishop, and she worked little, but good. Without going any further, she was the “human” protagonist of Bumblebee, the spin-off of the saga of Transformrs -and very probably the best movie of all that has a Transformers in its plot-.

Hailee Steinfeld As Charlie, And A Tribute To &Quot;Et&Quot; In &Quot;Bumblebee&Quot;, Spin-Off Of &Quot;Transformers&Quot;.  Photo Clarín Archive

Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie, and a tribute to “ET” in “Bumblebee”, spin-off of “Transformers”. Photo Clarín Archive

We interviewed Hailee Steinfeld, along with Jeremy Renner, before the premiere of the first chapter of Hawkeye.

The family is first

-Hailee, Kate has Hawkeye for inspiration. In your personal life, did you have someone who inspires you as strongly as Kate does?

-Yes, I mean, I have a lot of people in my family, for which I am very grateful, you know, for having them. They are guiding me through every step of life and they are the ones who continue to do so. I think my parents and my brother are the first to come to mind.

I’ve always had my older brother to look at. He made all the mistakes before I did, and I could learn from him. And every time I fell for something similar, he was there to help me. And again continue to do that. My parents are superheroes in my eyes. And so I feel like my short answer would be “my family.”

With Jeremy Renner, The Actor Who Gave Him His First Big Advice .... Photo Disney +

With Jeremy Renner, the actor who gave him his first big advice …. Photo Disney +

In the series Florence Pugh – Yelena Belova, the younger sister of Black Widow – plays a fundamental role. And Hailee had a particular anecdote with her.

“We were both shooting together, and something went wrong. I couldn’t recover from that. I started laughing so hard that someone on the technical team thought I was crying – I’m not sure what that means about my laughter – and what I remember most is that people were approaching us like an avalanche. ‘They are fine?’ I was literally face down on the floor, laughing hysterically. I clarify that the scene was not in any way funny. But the truth is that we had a great time together ”.

Both Hailee and Renner had to physically prepare to get into their characters and do the action scenes. The actress, who is also a singer, was not so used to these demands, and says that Renner helped her at all times, and in particular with advice.

Hailee Steinfeld Upon Her Arrival At The Traditional Vanity Fair Party After The Oscar Ceremony, In 2017. Photo Efe

Hailee Steinfeld upon her arrival at the traditional Vanity Fair party after the Oscar ceremony, in 2017. Photo EFE

-With one hand on the heart. Please tell me, how good are you with a bow and arrows?

“She trained a lot,” Renner intervenes. He trained very, very hard. She is a strong-minded and strong-willed woman. She walked in very, very prepared, probably too prepared to do so. My only advice was, I guess, it’s just probably useless that you did all that work, because superhero archery is so much different than real archery. We both did.

It’s amazing and we both love this sport. It is a beautiful sport, elegant, strong, silent … However, that is why I gave the advice to shoot the false arrows left and right, shoot them everywhere. I really can’t be a true archer, you know? But that’s why we are superheroes, right? She is amazing.

Together With Gael García Bernal, When He Presented The Oscar For The Best Animated Film To &Quot;Zootopia&Quot; By ... Disney, In 2017. Afp Photo

Together with Gael García Bernal, when he presented the Oscar for the best animated film to “Zootopia” by … Disney, in 2017. AFP Photo

“So Hailee, aren’t the arrows you shoot with your bow real?”

-No, they are not. They are CGI (computer generated image).

Anyway, nobody, not even in Hollywood, is perfect.

Reference from clarin