Interview: In Aditya Narayan’s wedding, father Udit Narayan said, ‘Tell your son only one thing, go ahead and don’t blame the parents for what happened’

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Singer-host Aditya Narayan is soon to marry actress Shweta Aggarwal for her debut film ‘Shapit’. In a recent conversation with Divya Bhaskar, Aditya’s father Udit Narayan shared some stories related to his son’s marriage.

Corona destroyed all wishes
Udit Narayan said, “Aditya and Shweta’s wedding preparations are going on and if everything goes well, we will marry her on December 1. Frankly, we didn’t want to marry Aditya this year. We wanted to That if we had only one son, we would have married her with pomp and circumstance, but everything turned upside down because of Corona. After much thought we decided that this year we will give her a new responsibility. In some, all The wedding ceremonies will take place in Mumbai. To be honest, I sincerely wish that the wedding was done in a grand manner, involving around 300 people, but not against the government’s order. I hope the situation improves by December so that I can enjoy my only son’s wedding. ‘

Do not blame parents for what happened next
Regarding Aditya’s decision to get married, Udit Narayan said, “I have known him for a long time but only as Aditya’s friend. Naturally, like every parent, we want Aditya to settle down as soon as possible. We also tried to show her a lot of girls but she refused.

Said to be married on 31 August
I remember that on 31 August he came to me and said that Dad has decided to get married. Was a little shocked to hear but then introduced the whole thing to him. Aditya told me about Shweta that he has known her for 10 years and wants to make her a life partner. I just told him one thing, go ahead and don’t blame the parents for what happened.

If he had said that I would have found a better girl for him
I have done so much for her so far, if she had asked, I would have found a better girl. But now they have grown up. His pleasure is our pleasure. If the boy and girl are happy after the bus then what will Qazi do? ‘On 1 December, Aditya and Shweta will marry in a temple in Mumbai, which will consist of only 50 people.


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