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International Beer Day 2022: When is it celebrated?

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  • Did you know that this day existed?
  • Many people celebrate it in the best way
  • What is the origin of the beer?

Beer is one of the oldest fermented drinks of humanity and one of the most valued. And since 2007, International Beer Day is celebrated every first Friday of August, a tradition that originates from a small bar in Santa Cruz, California (United States).

The celebration drew so much attention that it is now celebrated all over the world, including 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents. And it is increasing. This celebration with beer as the protagonist can vary depending on where we are in the world.

Where and when is beer day celebrated?

Where and when is beer day celebrated?

In Germany they celebrate Beer Day on April 23. In the US on April 5. But what is certain is that International Beer Day is being standardized worldwide on the first Friday of August. As we have said, beer is one of the oldest drinks of Humanity.

Many tourists in Germany taste these drinks since, in the words of many, “it is the best beer in the world”. Although the Germans themselves, they are not quite sure about this. But even so, this drink is still one of the most famous worldwide. FILED FROM :International Beer Day

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