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Inside Brad Pitt’s best action movies, from ‘Fight Club’ to ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’ and more!

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Action man! Brad Pitt is known for many things – his winning smile, handsome face, acting range and ability to disappear into a character, and as seen once again bullet trainHis ability to pull off some epic action sequences.

While Pitt has said this is his first foray into high-octane action comedy, he has no shortage of experience delivering some exciting moments of pulse-pounding action.

with bullet train Knocking out in theaters this weekend, ET is taking a look back at the legacy of Pitt’s action films and his history playing battle-hardened characters — beginning fight Club.

fight Club (1999)

fight Club
20th century Fox

Director David Fincher’s powerful social commentary fight Club Despite being disappointing at the box office upon release, it has become a beloved classic. Although the film has received a siren call in the years since it hit theaters, it looks like it was the first time Pitt read the script.

“It just spoke to me, I was really drawn to this thing,” Pitt told ET at the 1999 Venice Film Festival ahead of the film’s wide release. art.”

Troy (2004)

Warner Bros. Pictures

Pitt shows off his chiseled torso and flawless fighting figure while donning some armor, a shield and a sword for Wolfgang Petersen’s epic period piece, Troy, Pitt, playing the legendary fighter Achilles, had some really iconic action scenes, which fans still marvel at. However, he had to get in shape not only to fight, but also because of the more revealing scenes of the film.

“Obviously the Greeks, they were naked all the time! Eat naked, play naked… These are naked people, they like to be naked,” Pitt told ET during a press junket for Troy. “I just didn’t realize that I was the only one doing this in the film. I thought everyone else was too.”

Mr and Mrs Smith (2005)

Mr and Mrs Smith
20th century Fox

In his first true action flick, Pitt starred opposite future ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, in this shoot-’em-up action romcom, in which Pitt and Jolie played a married couple who both, in secret, There were murderers working for opposing agencies. , Clearly, their marriage is strained and the pair are in couples therapy – which becomes more violent when they are pitted against each other with a price on their heads.

“What I love most about it is it’s always like the relationship or the argument is in the foreground, the action is always in the back,” Pitt told ET on a junket in 2005. “That’s good stuff!”

Fury (2014)

sony pictures release

Fury follows the tank crew of the same name – including Pitt, Shia, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pea – as they lead one final offensive against a dwindling Nazi army in 1945. Pitt played a hardened commander named Wardaddy – – a very close ‘sport’ – who had to deal with harsh conditions with his band of brothers.

The authenticity of the story meant a lot to Starr, telling ET at the time that he appreciated how much the film “focused on the psychological difficulties of men dealing with those extreme situations.”

bullet train (2022)

bullet train
sony pictures release

based on a japanese novel maria beetle by Kotaro Isaka, bullet train out of Tokyo follows several killers aboard the same bullet train, all hunting the same man. Pitt is forced to contend with a full train-load of assassins, but it was a chance for the fast-paced action star to embrace the comic elements of the action genre.

According to Pitt, he and director David Leach were heavily influenced and inspired by Jackie Chan. He told ET during the LA premiere bullet train“We always talk about Jackie Chan, how much we love Jackie Chan. He’s like our Charlie Chaplin, he’s just so underrated. And it’s so much amazing stuff that he pulled off. So To do something in that vein, in a tussle with comedy, I’ve never done that before!”

bullet train Hits theaters on August 5.

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