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Inseparable 2021: who were the winners? (Video)

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Mariazel and Adrián managed to win Inseparables season two, while Gualy and Jimena stayed in second place.

MEXICO CITY.— The Grand Finale of Unseparables 2021 was broadcast on Channel 5 last December 22nd, and to the surprise of viewers Mariazel and Adrian They won the show’s second season after receiving six votes in a heartfelt ceremony.

Also for the grand finale of the show all couples are back Competition so it was possible to see again Samantha and Rafael (who were the first to leave) Yulianna and Parejita, Potro and Estefanía, among others.

The companions of the driver and the actor were them responsible for selecting the winner this season.

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Inseparable 2021: Mariazel and Adrián will be the winners

According to what Mariazel and Adrian they will “snap” Yulianna and Parejita Going straight to the semi-finals, the pair focused on winning but instilling empathy in their teammates was a great help in becoming the winner.

At the time of the vote, the couple consisted of Yurem and Jhoss They were the first to speak, and although the actor and host claimed to have a good relationship with Gualy and Jimena, he ended up favoring Zel and Adrian:

“Really friends, forgive me for this decision, really we don’t want them to care, (…) Perhaps it is foolish to be guided by friendship and loyalty. Our voice is for Zel because we are a family, ”explained the singer, who is also a singer.

For his part, Radamés and Wanders voted for Gualy and Jimena. The controversial comedian insisted that Mariazel She was a wonderful woman who she loved, but Gualy and Jimena helped her and Radamés “stand up”.

“The two couples are amazing. Zel, you are a wonderful woman, I see you with the same eyes as Adrián sees you; what can I say about Gualy and Jimena, my comrades. Thank you for everything I have learned from you, because getting up when we fell, “explained Wanders.

Finally, Yulianna and Parejita had the decisive voice, who supported Mariazel and Adrian, in addition to indicating that they understood what the couple was going through.

“I want to thank Gualy for being so direct, so direct, it’s very worth it. Zel and Adrián, one is also a father and I know what you are going through. I left my children there,” said the ex- Soccer player.

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How much money did Mariazel and Adrián make after being crowned in Inseparables 2021?

Already count on it six voices, Adrián and Mariazel won the second season of “Unseparables, Love to the Limit ‘and luckily for the couple, they took it home with them one million 903 thousand 370 pesos.

Although the surprises did not end there, viewers saw that the final prize, which was 3 million pesos, had been handed out Diego de Erice announced that the rest of the money (one million 13 thousand 708 pesos) with Gualy and Jimena for second place and his excellent performance in the entire competition.

Inseparable 2021 has even more …

Despite the fact that the big final of the program, Inseparable 2021 has even more to offer its fans this Thursday, December 23rd at 8:00 p.m. a special program will be broadcast on channel 5 from ‘Inseparable, Love to the Limit’ so if you are a fan of this show you cannot miss it.

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