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Ingrid Coronado talks about her separation from Fernando del Solar: “I felt that I was the sick one”

MEXICO CITY.- ingrid coronado He was honest again about the relationship he had with Fernando DelSolar, who died last Thursday June 30 due to pneumonia as confirmed by his last wife anna ferro. In an interview, the former host of “Venga la Alegría” spoke about how she experienced the illness and separation with the Argentine presenter, who was diagnosed with the Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a rare type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system).

Ingrid Coronado talks about how Fernando del Solar’s illness lived: “I felt that I was the sick one”

In an interview with the singer and host Isabel Lascurainfor her YouTube program, Ingrid revealed details of how she lived the illness of Fernando del Solar; of their separation with the also model and actor; and everything he learned from this experience, which he has reflected on after the unexpected death of ex-host of “Venga la Alegría”, who died at the age of 49 after fighting for several years against a rare cancer.

in the talk, ingrid coronado was more sincere than ever, even the member of “Pandora” when posting the video He wanted to clarify that the statements of the also announcer were issued before the death of the driver.

After this clarification, the former Garibaldi could be seen explaining how she reflected in “Mujerón” —the book she wrote and is promoting— her feelings upon learning of the diagnosis of her then-husband and father of two of her children: Luciano and Paolo.

“Help always comes to those who are sick, understanding and comprehension comes to those who are sick, but it is very important to turn to see the one next to you,” Ingrid said.

Likewise, the host of “Todos a danza” admitted that at that time the pressure for her was very great, in addition to being concerned about what was going to happen to Fernando del Solar

“I know what it is to carry, not only with the daily structure, the house, the job, the children, but also what it is to carry the worry of not knowing what will happen to the other person,” explained the former Garibaldi.

ingrid coronado He also noted that at that time “I felt that she was the sick one”: “Now that I see it from a distance, I experienced it as if I were the patient. All the time I was wanting to see what life wanted to tell me.”

And even though the situation was very challenging, the ex-wife of Fenando del Solar He came to the conclusion that that experience left him with a very valuable lesson.

“We come to get to know each other and we get to know each other through the experiences that life offers us, sometimes they are experiences that one would like to run away from,” explained the also MVS announcer.

Ingrid Coronado talks about her separation from Fernando del Solar

In the talk with Isabel Lascurain, Ingrid Coronado assured that illness and divorce with Fernando del Solarwere situations that made her wish that everything would end, because she felt as if “she had lived 100 years”.

“When you are in the midst of chaos, of emotional turmoil, what you want is for it to be over. I felt that in recent years I lived 100 years, as if I had lived many lives, that is the feeling I have had on many occasions, “explained the TV presenter.

Ingrid recognized that, for her children, at that time did not want to give any statement about how complicated her separation from Fernando del Solar was, but through her book she dared to tell what she experienced.

“Writing this book for me was overcoming one of my biggest fears, because despite people telling me: ‘Why don’t you speak up?’, ‘why don’t you say your part?’ On the one hand, what I wanted was to protect my children and on the other I was also afraid to speak, we are in a society in which women are not allowed to tell our truth, “expressed the driver.

“After many therapies, courses, workshops, I read all the books I could to feel better, I found myself with the possibility of saying: ‘Ok, now I am ready to talk about myself'” and that is how I made the decision to write the book that I would have liked to read”, added the presenter, highlighting that thanks to the internal work she did, she managed to get what she had inside.

Ingrid Coronado assures that her separation from Fernando del Solar left her one of the greatest learnings

Ingrid wanted to state that unlike the people who criticize her, she has given another meaning to that stage of her life that took her to the extreme of her capacity.

“Today I can understand that what I experienced were consequence of my decisions, Finally, life was teaching me something, it was showing me that I could do other things, that I was giving a lot of importance to what people thought of me and that has been of the further learning that I’ve had, because right through that such a painful experienceI learned to put on a raincoat towards other people’s opinions and that brings me closer and closer to myself”, affirmed Ingrid Coronado.

Finally, the driver admitted: “I can tell you that I am not that person anymore. I like the person I am now much more, I have the possibility of appreciating things that maybe I didn’t pay attention to before, I like more who I amI like more how I relate to others, I like more what I attach importance to”, he concluded.

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