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Ingrid Coronado sued Fernando del Solar before his death, according to the driver’s widow

  • The demand came at the worst time, said Anna Ferro
  • Tell how the deceased driver reacted
  • He also reveals what he will do with his ashes.

Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, the charismatic driver who died last Thursday, June 30, broke the silence and said that the Argentine’s ex-wife, Ingrid Coronado, who was also the host of ‘Venga La Alegría’ sued him days after his death.

In an exclusive interview with Hello!, Fernando del Solar’s widow declared: “The day after his father’s death we had a socioeconomic study for that lawsuit (put by Ingrid Coronado)”. According to Milenio, the lawsuit was related to child support that he had with the driver.

Ingrid Coronado’s lawsuit came at the worst time for Fernando del Solar

Ingrid Coronado's lawsuit came at the worst time for Fernando del Solar

In addition, the widow of the former host of “La Academia” said that she helped him with the proceedings of the lawsuit because Fernando del Solar was in mourning for the death of his father. “He had no head at all. Still, he took responsibility for it,” Anna Ferro said, according to Milenio.

“I helped him by presenting all the documents that they were asking us for that socioeconomic study that had neither head nor tail. His big conflict was trying to manage everything,” he noted. It should be noted that Fernando del Solar’s father died almost 18 days before the artist.

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