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Ingrid Coronado responds to Anna Ferro and reveals that Fernando del Solar filed a lawsuit against her

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A few days ago, Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, assured in an interview that Ingrid Coronado sued the television host one day before her father’s death, allegedly asking for more money for her children.

“He had no head at all. Still, he took responsibility for it. I helped him by presenting all the documents that they were asking us for that socioeconomic study that had neither head nor tailFerro mentioned.

Due to the series of attacks he has received after Anna Ferro’s statements, Ingrid Coronado decided to speak about it and deny the accusations, revealing that the lawsuit was started by Fernando del Solar in 2016 since they separated.

It was during the show windowing where the letter with which Ingrid replied to the interview published by the magazine was presented Hello!:

“This information is false. The truth is that in 2016 a divorce lawsuit was filed against me, which was transferred to the Second Family Court of Mexico City (…) This process is pending final resolution, so, during the month of May 2022, the Judge of the case ordered (informally) the conduct of a socioeconomic study on both parties, ”can be read in the letter.

Inside your statement too announced that her ex-husband, Fernando del Solar, had not fully covered his son’s alimony for more than a yearyes He stressed that these obligations must persist even after death.

Fernando del Solar asked for 30% of Ingrid’s income

The lawsuit that Fernando del Solar started against the television host was presented during the broadcast of the program windowing, In it you can read that the petition for divorce and a request for a monthly alimony to Ingrid Coronado.

Solar requested 30% of Coronado’s income since he had been unemployed since 2012 due to being diagnosed with canceralso asked that she be the one to cover 100% of the expenses of her children, from doctors to school education.

Although this lawsuit began six years ago, to date there has been no resolution.


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