Home Entertainment Influencers sexually abuse migrant and make fun of him (video)

Influencers sexually abuse migrant and make fun of him (video)

"Las Chiquirrucas"

A bunch of males generally known as “Las Chiquirrucas” has precipitated outrage by abusing a younger man.

GUADALAJARA.— Once more a bunch of “influencers” you’re being accused of getting dedicated a heinous motion. These recognized as “Las Chiquirrucas” they might have gone to a shelter in Guadalajara and there they took benefit of a migrant.

They provided him 500 pesos to abuse him

By a reside broadcast, the influencers confirmed that they went to a migrant shelter. There they provided a person 500 pesos in change for let him contact his genitals. After the person agrees, “Las Chiquirrucas” they mock him by mentioning that the ticket is pretend.

Within the controversial video, the lads invite their followers to return to the shelter to have an “experience” with a migrant. Whereas in one other recording they present that they returned to the place and even guarantee the person they made enjoyable of that “they will return next week.”

The refugee denounces this humiliation

In a launch the Civil Affiliation Dignidad y Justicia en el Camino AC, popularly generally known as FM4 Paso Libre, the place the occasions occurred; and the Saltillo Migrant Home introduced what occurred within the Jalisco capital.

The boys famous to have abused and humiliated the migrant have been recognized as Juan Carlos Villalobos, Fer Rivera and Gabriel Rothh ‘the Acosta Doll‘(on Instagram as @jcvillalobosjc, @feeriveraaa and @ el.muneco.acosta, respectively).

“Las Chiquirrucas” They conceal

After the controversy generated in social networks, two of these talked about modified their social networks to personal whereas one shared an announcement wherein he separated himself from what occurred. Though he admitted to having participated within the sexual abuse of a migrant.

Who’re “Las Chiquirrucas”?

They’re a homosexual group of digital content material creators. Younger folks would have grow to be “famous” after popularizing the phrase “raise the event.” The “influencers” are additionally characterised by their thematic movies

The “Las Chiquirrucas” group is made up of Juan Carlos Villalobos, Gabriel Roth “El Muñeco Acosta” and Charlie de Aguinaga, who reside in Guadalajara.