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Indio Solari will receive the “Rodolfo Walsh” award

Indio Solari will receive the

The Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication of the National University of La Plata will present the Rodolfo Walsh Award for Popular Communication to the rocker Carlos Alberto “Indio” Solari, reported that house of studies.

The distinction was driven by Rodolfo Walsh student group and approved by the Board of Directors, which valued Solari’s place of “indisputable reference of music, culture, politics and communication” due to “its responsibility with the word and social processes and its commitment to the defense of the human rights.

In the proposal, the councilors of the group affirmed that they believe it is essential to recognize in whoever was the singing voice of Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota, “the greatness and sensitivity to express the senses, the wills, the miseries and the collective emotions, and your determination to get involved in defending the interests and welfare of the people“.

At 72 Years Old, Solari Continues To Be The Benchmark Of A Phenomenon That Began With The Redonditos De Ricota.

At 72 years old, Solari continues to be the benchmark of a phenomenon that began with the Redonditos de Ricota.

The last live presentation of Solari, 72, on March 11, 2017 in Olavarría ended with the death of two people in the audience by suffocation, due to the avalanches that were registered in the La Colmena property, where more than twice the number of people for which it had been authorized entered.

However, a year and a half later, the prosecutor David Carballo separated the singer from the cause for the death of Javier León (42) and Juan Francisco Bulacio (36), which was taken to oral and public trial.

Around that episode, in the book Indio Solari – Memories in conversations with Marcelo Figueras, the musician, who has been battling Parkinson’s disease for a long time, points out that he had to trust his producers because he cannot take care of everything, and highlights the expertise of his team, based on 10 years of previous joint work “without incident”.

The Amount Of Public That Entered The La Colmena Property, Where Solari Gave His Last Live Show, Exceeded Double What Had Been Foreseen By The Authorization.  Photo Martín Bonetto / Clarín

The amount of public that entered the La Colmena property, where Solari gave his last live show, exceeded double what had been foreseen by the authorization. Photo Martín Bonetto / Clarín

In addition, he leaves his suspicions that something strange could happen and adds elements to his presumption that it was not an “accidental quilombo”Rather, it was something “political media”.

Now, Solari, what joined in a virtual way to the recent shows of his bandThe Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning will be highlighted for “establishing clear and coherent positions in the face of problems and debates in society, inviting reflection and taking sides”, according to the statement that accounts for the award.

And he continues: “Without a doubt, this is a brave act of responsibility, even more so when that implies questioning and confronting antipopular monopolistic and hegemonic voices “.

&Quot;El Indio Is Like Diego Maradona,&Quot; Said The Dean Of The La Plata College.  Photo Martín Bonetto / Clarín

“El Indio is like Diego Maradona,” said the dean of the La Plata College. Photo Martín Bonetto / Clarín

For her part, the dean of the aforementioned Faculty, Andrea Varela, highlighted the proposal of the student group and stated: “El Indio is like Diego MaradonaBoth are people who manage to unite the people and several generations. “

“In addition, the Indio’s struggles are the ones that always find us militant. It is not by chance that he is always attacked by the hegemonic powers,” he added.

The academic tribute to the musician and singer was confirmed one day after a huge sculpture by local artist Sergio Leguizamón and the artistic group “Una obra round” was unveiled in the Plaza Etcheverry of the Buenos Aires party of La Matanza.