Home Entertainment Indio Solari published two unreleased songs from Los Redondos

Indio Solari published two unreleased songs from Los Redondos

Indio Solari published two unreleased songs from Los Redondos

What a shock! Charlie “The Indian” Solari immediately printed two unpublished songs by Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota: Burn the zeal and Bees rock, recorded within the disc classes Luzbelito, launched in 1996, which had been omitted of the album.

Solari introduced the publication this afternoon on his social networks after which uploaded the 2 unreleased songs to his official channel of Youtube, including up greater than 75,000 views in lower than 24 hours.

In 1995, Los Redondos had settled in Brazil to work in Luzbelito and so they used songs composed years or many years in the past and that, though that they had by no means been recorded, they had been a part of the repertoire of their exhibits.

The Indian&Quot; And Skay, When Together They Were The Redonditos De Ricota And Gave Birth To Pieces Like &Quot;Burn The Zeal&Quot; And &Quot;Bees Rock&Quot;.

El ‘Indio “and Skay, when together they were the Redonditos de Ricota and gave birth to pieces like” Quema el celo “and” Rock de las abejas “.

Previous strangers

Burn the sky was carried out in a recital in 1982 and likewise in exhibits of 1988 and 1994, whereas Bees rock debuted in 1986 and his final efficiency was in 1998.

Throughout this yr, Solari had already shared unpublished materials from Los Redondos on networks: in March he printed a present on the Municipal Exhibition Middle filmed in 1992 and in mid-September he broadcast one of many first displays of the band in Montevideo, in 1989.

About these songs, the Indian expanded in a e book: “The apocryphal stories say that it was an idea of ​​Poli and Skay, that the tyrant did not take very willingly until at the end he said no. “

This Is The Cover Of &Quot;Luzbelito&Quot;, Designed By Rocambole.

That is the quilt of “Luzbelito”, designed by Rocambole.

And he continues: “I do not remember having lived it that way. I am not clear if it was an idea for the positive, or if we simply said to take advantage of the offer to record with the best big band del Brasil, the (Brazilian orchestra) Mantiqueira, and record those old songs somehow. A way to get rid of them. “

Was the band’s seventh studio album and it was recorded completely within the studios Bebop, in São Paulo, with a preferred native brass band. When the recording ended, El Indio and his individuals weren’t completely happy and a number of other recorded songs didn’t see the sunshine (belito). The massive band ended up contributing their winds solely to Freedom blues, Pontiac Butterfly and Nation rock.

All in favor

The feedback for the novelty had been rapid and revolutionized his followers: “The unpublished songs in good quality give me life”. OR “What a flash to listen to a new song from the rounds, over TEMAZO.” OR “All my life, since I heard the song, I thought it was called ‘Que mal celo’ !! Even in several pirated CDs, it is written like that. And the same thing happens to me as with the other unreleased ones; it is hard for me to get out of my head and the ears the pirated versions with the public in the background !! “

In regards to the second opus that El Indio uploaded to his social networks, Rock of the Bees, individuals obtained greater thane deal with: “Some 25 years waiting for this !! Since they announced, back in ’94, that they were recording unreleased records. It is said that among the unreleased records recorded with Mantequeira there are also ‘My Genius Love’ and ‘Of these future powders muds'”.

Burn the zeal and Bees rock sounded in Might when, in a digital and distant format, Solari participated within the recital through streaming that Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado recorded within the ruins of Villa Epecuén on March 29.

It was some time in the past to enter the feedback part of Youtube he felt -echoing us a post- like being in a bus touring three, 4, 5 hours in the past, making mates with quite a lot of strangers and shopping for you just a few drinks.

Some, it should even be mentioned, complained in writing: “Too bad he took out the solos from Skay. They are not the Round ones. “Shock and a half as a result of when it got here out Luzbelito it was already mentioned that that they had recorded a number of songs that had not been included within the album. And if a drip begins that one is aware of the place it ends? What if there’s sufficient materials to make one other post-album album?

A person greater than happy left his indelible mark on the Internet: “Thanks for so many cute things old dear!”

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