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Indie rock-pop with Japanese anime aesthetic in its DNA

With a precise mix of electronic and guitar indie pop at the same time and a careful image highly influenced by Japanese anime, Stoltz (voices, design) and Piano Black (piano and synthesizer), Siams put together and delivered – almost Unsurprisingly, but with genuine merit—with a product that knew how to adjust itself to the honey of success on streaming platforms and social networks.

Finding a place of rest within a way of tracing the guidelines of a project in line with the present day, the Siamese group writes its history and it gradually becomes a very interesting one to approach.

The solid concept he developed led him to tour many countries and achieve a great success in Mexico and Chile.

Member of Siamese.

Member of Siamese.

stop in rehearsal

Now, as they prepare their third album, bugle spoke with Piano Black during rehearsals for his show at the Voterix Theater (AllAccess Tickets) in his native Buenos Aires on Saturday 18 June.

-How does it feel to end the tour in Buenos Aires after touring abroad?

– Having visited both Mexico and Chile, ending the tour in Buenos Aires means a lot to us. it’s a visit HouseOur second album and Buenos Aires is our home, apart from the fact that many members of the group do not live in the country.

It’s very special to stop here, where we did the first show of this tour in Cordoba and then at the Broadway Theater, which was our first big local date.

Then came Mexico and Chile, and we decided to close this phase in Buenos Aires so that later each of us would go to our respective cities, Barbie to Germany, Marion to Mexico and I who are between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, be able to come back The tour would later continue on a second leg through Spain and the United States.

siamese language

siamese language

– Combining indie rock-pop with the aesthetics of Japanese anime may seem like a strange combination at first. Why do you think this mix worked so well in the Siamese resolution?

Because it’s part of who we are. Especially Stolt, who is our singer and designer, is a big fan of Japanese anime. I’m a big fan of Miyasaki and everything related to indie rock and indie pop, from the fact that we are an independent band. We are our own label in search of the sound of the indie movement of the 2000s.

It’s also not as unique, as there are Gorillaz and other bands that have incorporated anime into their clips, but in this case it works because we felt it. It was nothing inspired by success or formulas, rather it is in our DNA.

siamese language

siamese language

-You have a very careful product both in aesthetics and in sound. Is there a lot to plan for group artistic activities?

-Yes we. We plan where to go, in every song, in every video or even in a live motion. There is nothing left to chance. We are very expansive, it is one of our identities. Sometimes it gets a bit tedious, as in the case of wolf, that we spent a year until we found the perfect chorus we were looking for, that represented everything the song was telling us. We are the same with respect to aesthetics, graphics.

We are not a band that gives up the first thing: we take advantage of that first impulse to continue working on it and reach the result that really satisfies us.

trip to mexico

siamese language

siamese language

-He had a successful tour of Mexico in which he sold the Indie Rocks Forum. How would you define your relationship with the Mexican public?

-The first show we did in Mexico was at the Indie Rocks Forum in 2020, which sold out to our surprise. There were a lot of people from Mexico who wrote to us and asked us to leave. So on the first US tour we added this show and it was unforgettable. Our relations with the people there are probably the strongest today. We feel very supported, and we keep talking and taking pictures with people after the show.

The last time we played was in Lunario, which is like the B side of the National Auditorium, a completely symbolic place. We ran away again. We added dates in other cities and we were sold in Guadalajara. We feel adopted by the Mexican public. The relationship is entirely internal, as if the Siamese were a Mexican group.

heading towards third album

siamese language

siamese language

The third album is often what defines a project. What are your hopes from your next album?

-We also think that the third album is very important in the band’s career. This is where the message ends. This album that we’re finishing, of which we’ve released three singles – we’re going to release more over the course of the year – will come out when we’re very happy with it.

Expectations have to do with increasing steadily. When we put the first one out it was like Stoltz and my personal desire, the desire to make music that represented us, that we loved.

Then came the boom, the blast went viral on the platform, so we had more responsibilities for the second album. We already knew that there were many attentive people, we had to double the bet. Level up with sound, composition and lyrics, because as Argentines we always focus on making the songs work well. The Things We Were Evolve on this third album, which is part of a trilogy along with the first and second.

-How’s the composing process for the next album?

siamese language

siamese language

-It’s basically the same as the second album. The first was something we did more for ourselves, without knowing how far it could go, and the second was with the public awareness of what we had, which was fantasizing. So we continue to put that pressure on ourselves to better ourselves, live up to it.

There are many people for whom music is a salvation, a place where we are safe, where we can be understood, understood. And there’s a lot more to this third album. The first one was long suffering, it was associated with pain and depression – so it made an impression on many people – in the second we were more positive, it has a more optimistic outlook. In this third we mix them all a little.

There are still influences from soul, funk, pop, rock. We try to nourish ourselves with many styles. We will always defend the fact of being generous.

-They are a band that grew up with a close relationship with the public through social networks and streaming platforms. Can they challenge the adage that all past times were better?

No doubt we have grown into a very close relationship with the people because of these resources. And we don’t believe that every passing time was better.

This connection with people grows as we release new content, more songs, more animated videos. But in reality the relationship with the public deepens through live shows. When you put a human face or emotion on the relationships that you already have with a song or video, the relationship is greatly enhanced.

We are so grateful and sensitive, we are always there with people after the show. It happened in the United States and Mexico: it’s good that they know us and see that we are not the only two people who turn down the music.

next show

-What can the public expect from the show on the 18th in Voterix?

-You will have the opportunity to see us after a tour of Mexico, Chile and our interior. It would be an opportunity to pog, dance and jump unlike the Broadway shows where we did another theater show. We thought people really wanted to stir. And now more, after the pandemic.

We’ll be introducing new songs and Barbie has one—who contributes three of her songs to the next album—that we really like. We believe they should not miss it as it will be very exciting moment, they always are.

It will be “see you soon” because there will be no more shows in Buenos Aires for the rest of the year, so we will go for that moment of good energy, friendship and music that represents both us and the public.

INFO: Siams plays this Saturday, June 18 at the Vortrix Theater (tickets via the AllAccess system)


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