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In the United Arab Emirates they banned Lightyear, the Pixar animated film for kissing between two female characters

The United Arab Emirates on Monday banned theatrical exhibitions of the next Pixar animated film light year. The Reason? The plot involves a kiss between two female characters.

Emirates, where Abu Dhabi and Dubai are located, announced through its media regulatory office under the Ministry of Youth and Culture that the film would not be cleared for release. In Argentina, the premiere will take place this Thursday (June 16).

“The film has not been licensed for public display in UAE cinemas due to a violation of the country’s media content standards,” the office said in a tweet.

A scene from "Lightyear," which hits theaters this Thursday, June 16.  ap photo

A scene from “Lightyear,” which hits theaters this Thursday, June 16. ap photo

“The Office confirms that all films shown in cinemas across the country are subject to monitoring and evaluation prior to the date of their release to the public, in order to guarantee the safety of broadcast content in accordance with the appropriate age classification, “The release is on.

The office did not elaborate and did not respond to questions from the Associated Press. The tweet includes a picture of the film’s poster, where The silhouette of its protagonist, Buzz Lightyear, is seen with the red “No” symbol above it., Cinemas in the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven states on the Arabian Peninsula, had already announced the film’s screening hours.

film in which Chris Evans voices the character who inspired Buzz Lightyear’s toy saga toy storyIncludes a character reportedly played by the actress uzo adubaOne who kisses another woman with whom he is in a relationship.

Chris Evans ("Captain America") is in charge of voicing Buzz Lightyear in Pixar

Chris Evans (“Captain America”) is in charge of voicing Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s new animated film.

Like many countries in the Middle East, Emirate is a country with Muslim rulers who criminalize gay sex, The US State Department has warned that Islamic or Sharia law can lead to the death penalty for homosexual behaviorWhile Dubai considers a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and Abu Dhabi up to 14 years.

However, these procedures are not commonly reported and LGBTQ residents in DubaiA city full of skyscrapers and the base of the long-haul airline Emirates.

it is expected that light yearWith a Budget of $200 Million, There’s a Major Disney Product That’s According to Analysts Could make about $100 million in its first weekend,

5 Curiosities About “Toy Story”

1. Pixar, until it was still part of the Disney Group, until the Mickey Mouse Company participated in the financing and distribution of the project, He gave them the rights to film characters and even merchandising.

"Toy Story" became a global success, to the point of being included in its own location at Disney World in Orlando.

“Toy Story” became a global success, to the point of being included in its own location at Disney World in Orlando.

Two. toy story It was not a feature film, but a medium length film. It would run between half an hour and 60 minutes and it was going to be a spin-off, as films originating from a character in another film are now known, tin toyThe famous Pixar short.

3. John Lasseter met with Disney chief Jeffrey Katzenberg to talk about the film’s plot. For Katzenberg, it was almost like having two friends. For Lasseter, Woody was a villain and not a friend of Buzz. I mean…

4. Katzenberg wanted Paul Newman and Jim Carrey will lend their voices to Cowboy and Astronaut. It was Steve Jobs, the founder of Pixar, who gave the idea a thumbs-up for one simple reason: an exorbitant amount of money to pay those actors.

5. Curious to see how the film would turn out, Katzenberg arranged a screening. It was a Friday, and at Pixar they still remember that date as Black Friday. Katzenberg didn’t like it at all, saying that “Woody Was An Idiot” and ordered the project to be postponed.

Source: AP


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