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In the middle of the concert they yell ‘bald’ at Lucero

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  • They yell ‘bald’ at Lucero in the middle of the concert.
  • They end up revealing that it was a famous actress who yelled at him.
  • Lucero reacts after being called ‘bald’.

They call her hairy Lucero. Lucero is one of the personalities that has stolen the affection of many due to her great simplicity and approach to her audience, it should be noted that she has positioned herself as one of the great Mexican artists of the moment, but not everything is hunky-dory for the singer, as she has also been involved in various controversies.

Social media has become another world of information and what to expect when celebrities are involved. A few hours ago a recording began to circulate where Lucero offered one of his concerts and they ended up yelling at her “baldhead”, to top it off they assure that it was a famous person who did it.

They attack Lucero in full live presentation

They yell at her, Lucero

It was through the Univisión Famosos account within the Instagram platform that the video began to circulate where the interpreter of “Cuéntame” is seen leaving all her energy on stage while one of the attendees at her presentation yells at her ” That my bald ‘.

The video dates from 2018 but has recently emerged and in a matter of seconds it became totally viral on social networks, after Lucero was “attacked” with the word “bald”, which caused Internet users to begin to question what was the reason for which they would have shouted at the Mexican artist in that way, but the great surprise was who did it. Filed Under: They yell at Lucero, baldheaded.

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