In less than 24 hours, Espa added 15 million views with ‘Nettx Level’

Seoul Espas, Were Rookie K-Pop Foursome Which started in November 2020, totals. More than 15 million views His most recent video clip “Next level”, Released exactly 20 hours ago via YouTube.

Quartet made of; Kareena (Yu Ji Min), Giselle (Kim Ai Ri), VinteR (Kim Min Jeong) and Ning Ning (Ning Yi Jjwo), introduced under the concept of Join avatars, Being considered by singers as their distinct style And “an advantage” for them.

What is Espa and where does it come from?

K-pop quartet Espa’s referential image, which debuted in November 2020
Image that features members of Espa and their respective avatars
Kareena is Espa’s leader and fulfills the role of singer and rapper
Winter is a singer and dancer
Giselle is a singer and rapper
Ning Ning is a singer, dancer and makne, a term that refers to being the youngest in the group. Photos of SM Entertainment posted by Yonhapo

K-pop. Trained and produced by K Powerhouse entertainment, The name of the band comes from the English words “Avatar, Experience and Aspect” (Avatar, experience and form), which means being able to find “alter ego” Through an avatar and experience a new world.

Each member has their own virtual avatar, which has clearly captivated the audience and earned them many fans. Not only in south korea, But in Asia, Where they have already debuted for China and Japan markets.

Meeting avatars and going on adventures (with them) is an unprecedented concept. It is good that we have come to create a unique color and style (through the concept), ”he said. winter, During the group’s first press conference since its debut.

K-pop and then successful debut of Espa

Quartet, the first K-pop group to feature NCT From SM Entertainment, Which debuted in 2016; Launched as His first single, “Black Mamba”, Which tells the story of a man who tries to break the connection between the four members and their avatars.

song Created sensation on global music chartEnter the list of Billboard “Global Exclusive US” -Which ranks the most popular songs around the world, excluding the United States – and tops the list of QQ music from China. Video currently exceeded 100 million views on YouTube.

The group also took Rookie award Of the K-pop industry, cited by Winter as one of The group’s most “memorable” moments, Whose post-launch activities have become limited due to the epidemic. Added that Rewards can be received only after debut And it will be a great source of energy for them to continue.

Kareena, who described Espa as one “Eight member girl group”, Including when Char avatarStated that the band had to undergo training to fully incorporate the concept. The group said Your future activities will also focus on the concept of avatars..

Espa and her new hit “Next Level”

“Next level” Black tells the story of Espa’s going to the woods to find Mamba.

Ningning said that the song describes How do they go to the forest to solve the disconnect issue With his avatars due to the Black Mamba. He clarified that this is the story after his first single.

“Next level” Launched in South Korea at 6 pm on 17 May And since then it already connects More than 15 million views, Which is an instant success for a novice group. – With information from Yonhap

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